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【Feng Shui & Charm】Japanese Interior Onigawara, Onigawara Iemori Kenji Kajikawa | Sanshu onigawara crafts | Shinto

【Feng Shui & Charm】Japanese Interior Onigawara, Onigawara Iemori Kenji Kajikawa | Sanshu onigawara crafts | Shinto

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The orge mask with the history of 1400 has protected Japanese houses and families as an evil spirit from ancient times, as an amulet. However, the number of houses that can decorate the orge mask on the roof is decreasing. Therefore, in order to match the modern architectural style, it is a product realizing a novel idea of "orge mask decorating in the room".


~ Onishi Kenji Kajikawa~

A powerful expression and the gleam of ibushigawara

Though small in size, this is an onigawara in every way. Kenji Kajikawa put all his efforts into crcating this piece with the same sentiment that motivates him when he produces fiercely powerful-faced onigawara for the roof of temples. He paid meticulous attention to his work, striving to faithfully reproduce that image in diminutive dimensions. It's a spirited gem, conspicuously marked by the force of the ogre and the beautiful brightness of ibushigawara, or "smoked" tile.

More Information
More Information
Shop by Brand Onigawara Iemori | Sanshu onigawara crafts
Product ID S0023-006
Product Name 【Feng Shui & Charm】Japanese Interior Onigawara, Onigawara Iemori Kenji Kajikawa | Sanshu onigawara crafts | Shinto
Traditional Technique Sanshu Onigawara Crafts
Measuring 5.51" * 7.87" * 1.02",
Product Weight 1.7 lbs
Country of Manufacture Japan
Remark The product is in a paulownia box. Please do not touch orge mask with bare hands. It is possible to install both [wall hanging] and [stationery]. You can fix with plaster iron that is included even with gypsum board wall without base.
About Creator & Maker

Oni Shi

Kenji Kajikawa


After graduating from the sculpture department of Nagoya Zokei Junior College of Art & Design, Kenji Kajikawa joined the family business, Onihyaku. Influenced by his father and uncle, he refined his skills at producing onigawara. His wide range of work runs from onigawara and decorative tiles for temples and other buildings to chopstick rests.

My philosophy

A powerful sentiment supports the creation of guardian deities

Kenji Kajikawa's intention is to create guardian deities that will bring happiness and prosperity upon the households where they dwell. The underlying principle is complete, unwavering attention to this intention at every step. In pursuit of his forte, the silver color of ibushigawara, or "smoked" tiles, Kajikawa paya more attention to firing than do other craftspeople. He is blessed with solid skills supported by a career full of awards and compassion for his customers. A powerful and unwavering sentiment supports the making of guardiam deities as Kajiwara crafts them while holding in his mind an image of his clients' smiling faces.

Hand finishing inspires life

Orge are said to be "amulets" but they are making images of "guardian gods". Ogre watches over happiness and prosperity, and so on. In order to express the smoothness of the surface, it is said to stroke with a finger after using a spatula. This fine adjustment brings life to orge.

Focus points

The tools handed over from the previous generation are also

He said that he used different tools each time depending on the condition of the earth. In order to patronize for many years, each attachment has attachment, and he regular maintenance is indispensable. Many instruments transferred from the previous generation also seems to inherit the soul of the previous generation.

For Customers

I want to spread the splendor of orge mask

Before becoming onishi, I am interested in arts such as paintings and have been producing and exhibiting various works at group exhibitions etc. for about 15 years. Recently, in order to spread the tile (orge mask) culture, we also demonstrate orge mask production at the exhibition.

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