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【Feng Shui & Charm】Japanese Interior Onigawara, Onigawara Iemori Shin Kamiya | Sanshu onigawara crafts | Shinto

【Feng Shui & Charm】Japanese Interior Onigawara, Onigawara Iemori Shin Kamiya | Sanshu onigawara crafts | Shinto

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The orge mask with the history of 1400 has protected Japanese houses and families as an evil spirit from ancient times, as an amulet. However, the number of houses that can decorate the orge mask on the roof is decreasing. Therefore, in order to match the modern architectural style, it is a product realizing a novel idea of "orge mask decorating in the room".


~ Onishi Shin Kamiya~

Mobilizing traditional techniques handed down through the generations

According to Shin Kamiya, when he is engaged in production, reproducing the forms and expressions of onigawara that have been transmitted through the ages, he experiences anew his gratitude to his ancestors and predecessors in the craft and reverence due to gods and Buddha. His impressive work features a charming expression and a unique sheen produced by the traditional technique of ibushi, or smoke, firing.

More Information
More Information
Shop by Brand Onigawara Iemori | Sanshu onigawara crafts
Product ID S0023-009
Product Name 【Feng Shui & Charm】Japanese Interior Onigawara, Onigawara Iemori Shin Kamiya | Sanshu onigawara crafts | Shinto
Traditional Technique Sanshu Onigawara Crafts
Measuring 5.51" * 7.87" * 1.02",
Product Weight 1.7 lbs
Country of Manufacture Japan
Remark The product is in a paulownia box. Please do not touch orge mask with bare hands. It is possible to install both [wall hanging] and [stationery]. You can fix with plaster iron that is included even with gypsum board wall without base.
About Creator & Maker

Oni Shi

Shin Kamiya


Shin Kamiya is the third generation of the Kamiya family to run "Kaminaka", an onigawara tile handicraft factory founded by Nakajiro Kamiya in 1919. This factory mainly produces onigawara manufactured with a die and press method, in addition to special tiles, handcrafted onigawara, regular roofing tiles for Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples and support tiles for solar panels.

My philosophy

Protecting tradition = continual emancipation from tradition

Japanese roof tiles and onigawara are the face of Japanese architecture. While Shin Kamiya understands the importance of passing down the tile culture that has developed in tandem with Japanese culture, he believes that continuing to produce the same thing over and over is not protecting tradition. As he says, protecting tradition underlies the continual pursuit of design and form that are emancipated from tradition. What he creates through his products while following traditions that have been handed down through the generations is, in fact, a new tradition.

Tools and souls taken over from the previous generation

Iron bella, bamboo bella, wood belly and spatula of various materials are used depending on the use, but wood vela is particularly strongly attached. It is indispensable in expressing roughness making roughness. I have patronized it for 20 to 25 years on a long one. Some tools have a strong feeling which took over from the previous generation.

Focus points

Hybrid of tradition and innovation

Handmade orge mask from orange mask of press manufacture, objects using the tile material, etc, the width of the work is wide. While trying to create a traditional technique orge mask as inheritance of technology, we also challenge the creation of a special tile that is possible only by modern times.

For Customers

To image the whole

The important thing is "the balance of the whole." In saying orge, it is understood how to make nature and details by envisioning the entire face, the whole work, not the parts such as eyes and eyebrows. "Not limited to orge, the same is true of other works and tiles."

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