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【Feng Shui & Charm】Japanese Interior Onigawara, Onigawara Iemori Shinsuke Kamiya | Sanshu onigawara crafts | Shinto

【Feng Shui & Charm】Japanese Interior Onigawara, Onigawara Iemori Shinsuke Kamiya | Sanshu onigawara crafts | Shinto

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The orge mask with the history of 1400 has protected Japanese houses and families as an evil spirit from ancient times, as an amulet. However, the number of houses that can decorate the orge mask on the roof is decreasing. Therefore, in order to match the modern architectural style, it is a product realizing a novel idea of "orge mask decorating in the room".


~ Onishi Shinsuke Kamiya~

Completely committed to "a living ogre"

Its fangs seem on the verge of biting, its horns, in vivid 3D, about to charge. We directly sense an ogre's inherent ferocity. Shinsuke Kamiya aims to create a piece from which anyone can fathom an ogre's very presence. This will demonstrate that his ogre is "living" as an authentic ogre.

More Information
More Information
Shop by Brand Onigawara Iemori | Sanshu onigawara crafts
Product ID S0023-010
Product Name 【Feng Shui & Charm】Japanese Interior Onigawara, Onigawara Iemori Shinsuke Kamiya | Sanshu onigawara crafts | Shinto
Traditional Technique Sanshu Onigawara Crafts
Measuring 5.51" * 7.87" * 1.02",
Product Weight 1.7 lbs
Country of Manufacture Japan
Remark The product is in a paulownia box. Please do not touch orge mask with bare hands. It is possible to install both [wall hanging] and [stationery]. You can fix with plaster iron that is included even with gypsum board wall without base.
About Creator & Maker

Oni Shi

Shinsuke Kamiya


In 2003, Shinsuke Kamiya joined the company Kamioniei. He passed Aichi Prefecture's Advanced Onigawara Production Skills Evaluation Examination and qualified in second-class tile roofing craftsmanship. His work appears on a number of shrines and temples including Saimyoji, one of three Koto Sanz?m temples of the Tendai sect.

My philosophy

Into these hands entrust the future of the onigawara world

This young onishi remarks, "Any piece that's remained for a long time has a history of more than a century. It's my dream to be involved in this history, "We catch a glimpse of the ambition of Shinsuke Kamiya in the revelation that he wishes to work on structures that will be left to prosperity, such as national treasures and Cultural Properties of Japan. Following the example of his predecessors, he seeks an expression that only he can create. His motto is "Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur". Not a glimmer of doubt clouds the eye of this craftsman, who aims to shoulder the future of the world of onigawara.

Cherish the feeling of the moment when I sprinkle a spatula

We use gold spatula that weak 50 or fewer according to the nature and process of the soil. Among them, he likes copper spatula, he says he has a moist and distinctive feel when applied to the earth. From time to time, we are doing maintenance such as shaving to make it easy to use.

Focus points

Carving a name is responsible

Works carve the name of the producer (myself). When doing roof tiles from the roof after decades, hundreds of years, in order to do work that is carved and embarrassed. This consciousness is a motivation at the time of production.

For Customers

Pour a soul into each work

I carve my name. Depending on the request, you may carve not only the name but a shop name or date. Working with particular attention to "Harai" and "Tome", paying close attention. It is the moment of pouring the soul.

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