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【Shelves & Shelf】Japanese Woodcraft, OMOIHAKO (Gray) | Kamo Paulowina Chests | NOMOTO KIRIHAKO SEISAKUSHO

【Shelves & Shelf】Japanese Woodcraft, OMOIHAKO (Gray) | Kamo Paulowina Chests | NOMOTO KIRIHAKO SEISAKUSHO

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Please enjoy it with your precious thing, small items of everyday use, collection etc in the left and right paulownia paulownia box named "OMOIHAKO".

In addition to keeping things in it carefully, it will color your room as a fine decorating shelf with elegant texture and unique beautiful form of paulownia paulownia.

You can freely change the size of the opening and shelf usage and enjoy variations.

More Information
More Information
Shop by Brand NOMOTO KIRIHAKO SEISAKUSHO | Kamo paulowina chests
Product ID S0028-003
Product Name 【Shelves & Shelf】Japanese Woodcraft, OMOIHAKO (Gray) | Kamo Paulowina Chests | NOMOTO KIRIHAKO SEISAKUSHO
Traditional Technique Kamo Paulowina Chests
Capacity Natural paulownia (Please note that paulownia does not give a strong shock due to soft material)
Measuring W11.81" ~ W20.07" * D4.40" * H9.84",
Product Weight 1,100g/2.4 lbs
Country of Manufacture Japan
Remark When cleaning please wipe with a dry, clean cloth.
About Creator & Maker


Make a cherished thinking "box to pay love"


  • 1947
  • Kamo Paulowina Chests
  • Tsuyoshi Nomoto
  • Mitsuo Nomoto
  • Kazuki Nomoto


Craftsmen group in Paulowina Chests production area in Japan

We are a craftsmen group founded in 1947.

Traditional craftsmen with high technical strength and experience, and young artisans who are good at planning and design are working together to work together. As originating in the company name "KIRIHAKO (Paulowina Box)", it originated from the manufacture of KIRIHAKO which pays important items. We are special in producing precision finished custom paulowina boxes, Paulowina Chests making full use of traditional techniques, and surprisingly light paulownia chair.

In addition, accurate technology and sensitivity that enables adjustment of 1 mm or less are evaluated, and in recent years Karita's new coffee mill is also being manufactured.


Paulowina breathing, the wisdom of the Japanese who continues from ancient times

In Japan, we have been protecting kimonos, medicines, books, furniture and other items that I want to keep carefully in the paulownia box for a long time. Paulownia has the characteristic of taking in and releasing moisture in the atmosphere as if it were to breathe itself.

Therefore, the humidity inside is kept constant, and it is especially suitable for storing things that do not like moisture. In addition, it is a surprising high-performance wood containing a lot of ingredients such as antiseptic tannins and Paulonin that insects dislike.

The newly developed "OMOIHAKO" becomes an elegant cabinet if you open the elegant doors to the right and left, and it will be a storage box to protect things inside carefully by closing the door perfectly. Besides being beautiful in its appearance, it is a hybrid paulownia box that has a wonderful functionality.

For Customers

Put "important things = important feelings" in a paulownia box

I would like to make a paulownia box that can pull each "important feeling" beautifully and freely.

Tung is a wood that can be compared to silk, feeling the warmth like human skin when touching a hand for a while, and the slick touch of more beautiful woody skin. Please touch and feel the smoothness and warmth that you want to stroke forever.

Comfortably wrapped slightly warmly. That is why, I think that paulownia box is perfect for a person who puts in a person 's precious thought.

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