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【Sake Cup (Guinomi)】Japanese Lacquerware Silver | Niigata Lacquer Ware | Kiyo

【Sake Cup (Guinomi)】Japanese Lacquerware Silver | Niigata Lacquer Ware | Kiyo

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Lacquer cup
Light and easy to use item.
The item is beautiful wood grain.

More Information
More Information
Shop by Brand Kobayashi Buddhist altar | Lacquer Ware
Product ID S0029-005
Product Name 【Sake Cup (Guinomi)】Japanese Lacquerware Silver | Niigata Lacquer Ware | Kiyo
Traditional Technique Niigata / Shirone Buddhist altar
Measuring Φ3.14" * H1.18" / Φ8.0 * H3.0cm
Product Weight 0.06 lbs / 25g
Country of Manufacture Japan
Remark Dishwasher ×, Microwave × / Hot drink may cause surface to turn white
About Creator & Maker



Combining metallic texture with traditional lacquering

Kobayashi Buddhist Altar

  • 1904
  • Niigata / Shirone Buddhist altar
  • Kiyonori Kobayashi



Founding 115 years, the challenge of the fourth generation owner

Born in Niigata in 1968. I began to work as a craftsman at the age of eighteen.

Currently, I am following my father's trace and working as a fourth generation, producing and repairing altars.

Also, I am also focusing on new product development using lacquer technology. I am also the only lore of the Kinzuri technique invented by my father.

The "Kinzuri technique" is a technique that emphasizes wood grain with gold foil, while lacquering wood surface by rubbing gold foils into wood grain. Because it uses a lot of gold foils, it will be a gorgeous and elegant finish.

The Buddhist altar using the "Kinzuri technique" was exhibited at the Japan International Expo (Aichi Expo 2005) and I was able to receive high praise from people all over the world.



Expressing metallic texture with lacquering

I learned from my father. My father taught me disciple me hard and lovingly. I feel that the severity brought me up as a lacquer craftsman.

My father taught me not only "technology" and "the attitude as a craftsman" but also "the importance of challenging new things and evolving".

Sake cup developed by me with such father's teaching in mind is metallic texture. And also, it is finished to make the wood grain stand out.

I have made a lot of mistakes, but finally it is finished.

For Customers


Communicate technology to future generations

The people involved in the lacquer industry in Niigata since the Edo period gathered craftsmen together, communicating information to the future while exchanging information.

However, such collaboration is being lost in the present Japan, not only in the lacquer industry.

Therefore, I have named myself "Kiyo" and have held a full-fledged successor training course since 2016. In addition, we hold courses for manufacturing workers who will use lacquer technology to create new products.

The spirit of the technologies and challenges that have been passed on here has been focused on fostering successors so that they will never cease. I will continue to love craftsman friends, supporting families, and the local community, and inherit the technique of lacquer to the future.

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