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【Scroll & Hanging Scroll】Japanese Nija & Anime, Ninja ~ Two volumes ~ Kingyo Nishimura | Kakejiku | Kaitakudo Art

【Scroll & Hanging Scroll】Japanese Nija & Anime, Ninja ~ Two volumes ~ Kingyo Nishimura | Kakejiku | Kaitakudo Art

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Ninja Hanging scroll

Ninja (Shinobi) is a secret information officer or mercenary who served the Daimyo and the lord who existed in Japan from the Asuka period to the Edo period. According to the name of "Shinobi" meaning "to hide and avoid the eye", collect information gathering to enemy troops in the battlefield, intelligence activities, destructive activities, penetration tactics, conspiracy, assassination etc as work It will be considered. Its name is not limited to Japan, it can be said to be one of the well-known Japanese cultures also worldwide.

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More Information
Shop by Brand Kaitakudo Art | Hanging scroll
Product ID S0030-004
Product Name 【Scroll & Hanging Scroll】Japanese Nija & Anime, Ninja ~ Two volumes ~ Kingyo Nishimura | Kakejiku | Kaitakudo Art
Traditional Technique Hanging Scroll
Measuring W35.43" * D11.61",
Product Weight 0
Country of Manufacture Japan
Remark 手描き、和紙:和紙、表具:デザイン表具、裂地:都緞子、収納:桐箱
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Dispatch the hanging scroll to the world


  • 1970
  • Hanging scroll



Founded 50 years, the top runner in the hanging scroll industry

In the middle of the Heian period around 850 AD, the hanging scroll was introduced from China, and began to spread widely throughout Japan during the Kamakura period (around 1, 200 AD). Currently, 70% of the hanging shaft produced in Japan is produced in Gifu Prefecture. That is because the Mino Japanese paper which is also a world heritage is inherited to the present age, the high-quality glue which high quality water is indispensable for making the hanging shaft with less iron in the Nagara river is produced, furthermore Japanese paper and bamboo workers flourish in Gifu It is related to craftsmen honing their skills.



Modern lifestyle and hanging scroll

The Japanese culture of Japanese style room, tokonoma, and hanging scroll is very demanding and has been inherited beyond the times. It tells the thought of the owner of the house to the family living with you and the guests, it was the floor and it was a hanging scroll. Kaidakudo Art, which celebrates its 50th anniversary, is the largest manufacturer in the industry who has consistently manufactured in all processes of hanging scrolls.

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How to enjoy new hanging scrolls

The number of houses with Japanese-style rooms has also decreased due to changes in lifestyles, and the number of decorating hanging scrolls has also decreased. Therefore, Kaitakudo Art has developed a simple modern hanging scroll that can be decorated in Western style as art and interior, with designers and writers. We are trying to evolve traditional hanging scrolls as art.

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