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【Photo Book & Photo Album】Japanese Books, Yachiyo Tsuzuri Top finish (small circle) | Kyouji (Binding) | Ooiri

【Photo Book & Photo Album】Japanese Books, Yachiyo Tsuzuri Top finish (small circle) | Kyouji (Binding) | Ooiri

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1000 years, a photo album never fades


To souvenir day memorials and gifts.

It is a finished Yachiyo Tsuzuri that you can use widely for children's growth record and preservation of precious pictures.


After ordering, we will inform you about the album production page. 


Number of pages: 40 pages

Number of photos: Up to 40 sheets (1 page per sheet)

Available Storage container: Masu Mashi

Paper type: Photo washi paper

Printing: On Demand 4C

Delivery date: After ordering, it is possible to specify the schedule after 28 days.

More Information
More Information
Shop by Brand Ooiri | Kyoji
Product ID S0031-001
Product Name 【Photo Book & Photo Album】Japanese Books, Yachiyo Tsuzuri Top finish (small circle) | Kyouji (Binding) | Ooiri
Traditional Technique Kyouji (Scroll Mounter)
Measuring W10.04" * H11.14" * D1.18",
Product Weight 950g/2.1 lbs
Country of Manufacture Japan
Remark Delivery date: After ordering, it is possible to specify the schedule after 28 days.
About Creator & Maker


With Japanese traditional technology, memories to the future ahead 1000 years


  • 1951
  • Tatsuo Ooiri


Kyouji's technique which continues from the Nara era (710)

Hyakutaro Ooiri founded in 1951.

"Kyouji" is an expert of Japanese traditional artists who continue from the Nara era (around the year 710). Even today, old books are still present in museums and historical materials museums because there are cultures that use one thing for a long time in Japan and Kyoji's technology. Kyouji's technology is utilized to restore and preserve valuable cultural assets, enabling books to be handed over beyond generations.


The real item is the most bad condition at the moment of completion

In the present age, goods are the ones in which new goods are in the best condition, and deterioration progresses gradually. However, in Japanese culture, goods that are used for a long time, familiar with the hands of users, and have a depth like "age-old" are considered the best. Those that are cheaply made in large quantities, the finish is the most beautiful and the rest will only be damaged. What is really good is a state where the finish is the worst.

Becoming familiar, more beautiful, getting better while being used. The Japanese book Kyouji hands also gets deeper by the number of people looking at it.

"Yachiyo Tsuzuri" is a photo book that can not fade for 1000 years, co-developed by Kyouji with such technology and "Taki Products", a product design company that works on the theme of "making you want to tell people".

For Customers

Leave careful feelings for 1000 years

As a souvenir of children's Shichigosan and adult ceremonies, with a wish that you want to be healthy forever.

With a wish so that eternal love will last, to a wedding ceremony or golden wedding.

Yachiyo Tsuzuri can inherit the important memories of the family photos for generations.

Why do not you give "Yachiyo Tsuzuri" to those who care about when you want to embrace the feelings of "forever"?


Hyakutaro Ooiri
1977 "Kyoto prefecture traditional industrial excellence engineer" won
1981 Masahiko Imagawa A Mayor of Kyoto awards a letter of appreciation

Tatsuo Ooiri
2011 "Kyoto Prefecture Traditional Industry Excellence Engineer" Received
In 1987 not only Japanese-style dressing work, cultural property restoration preservation work, reproduction product production business etc. widely deployed


· Washi paper tends to be strong over the years, but it may deteriorate under direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. Please keep it carefully.

· We recommend keeping Japanese paper on flatbed. If you store it in a bookshelf etc., please be sure to keep it in a safe place.

· Images that may be infringing copyrights, portrait rights, images submitted to government offices, or pictures that are against public order and morals are not accepted at all. In addition, we can not assume any responsibility in case of problems caused by printing contents.

· There may be a difference between the color taste you see on the album production site and the color tone when printed on the actual product. This is because this product makes use of the texture of Japanese paper to print, it is not bad. Please note.

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