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【Slippers & House Slippers】Japanese Royal Family Use, moco (Crocodile pattern by embossing Black) | Shoemaker & leather craft | SANAX

【Slippers & House Slippers】Japanese Royal Family Use, moco (Crocodile pattern by embossing Black) | Shoemaker & leather craft | SANAX

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The luxury slipper "moco" used by the Japanese Imperial family

Mr. Michitaka Takahashi, a shoe craftworker of the Japanese imperial family, is the ultimate slipper "moco" handmade one by one . Using hand-made feet wooden designed based on ergonomics, we use three types of leather depending on the part of the slipper, also the top quality slipper stuck to the sewing method. The moment you put your feet, you can feel the ultimate fit not found in your slippers. There is also the effect of removing static electricity and deodorizing bacteria inside the body.

How about it as a special gift to those who are important for rewards to yourself by putting the initials? Because it is an order-made product, delivery time will be around 45 days.

More Information
More Information
Shop by Brand SANAX | Shoemaker
Product ID S0034-007
Product Name 【Slippers & House Slippers】Japanese Royal Family Use, moco (Crocodile pattern by embossing Black) | Shoemaker & leather craft | SANAX
Measuring 8.66" ~ 8.85", 9.05" ~ 9.25", 9.44" ~ 9.64" , 9.84" ~ 10.03", 10.23" ~ 10.43", 10.63" ~ 10.83",
Product Weight 300g / 0.66 lbs
Country of Manufacture Japan
Remark 表革:牛革 中革:馬革 裏革:豚革 / Upper:Cow leather Insole:Horse leather sole:Pig leather
About Creator & Maker


"moco" fits perfectly on the foot


  • 1979
  • Shoemaker
  • Naomichi Takahashi


The finest slippers handled by skilled craftsmen with more than 40 years of craftsmanship

Born in 1964, I entered the shoes industry at the age of 20 and established my own studio independent at the age of 40. I have learned a lot of techniques from Europe, a developed country of shoe making, and also developed an original recipe to create the first genre called high class slippers in Japan. As a loyal item of the Japanese Imperial family, I have paid slippers to the Emperor for many years, because of its high quality. He has served as an advisor at the fashion relationship project in Tokyo and has appeared on over 10 TV programs. Currently I lecture actively at Tokyo Intercultural Exchange Committee and Adachi Forum etc and also strive for dissemination of monozukuri.


"Lifetime things" sticking to raw materials and manufacturing methods

I select carefully the best materials best suited for slippers, and I am hand making all of them. The table uses the finest cowhide, thick leather pigmented with special tanning for this product on the bottom leather, horse leather for the back leather is used. Using the Tinning Manufacturing Method where the seam does not go out, pursuing the ultimate slipper while performing the process of sewing upside down three times, creating a texture not found in mass-produced goods. In addition, we have also used slippers for technology for removing static electricity in the body that was patented in 1997 (a new technology contributing to improving the record of first-rate athletes), so we can neutralize the static electricity inside our body simply by wearing it.

For Customers

With the ultimate sense of well-being, making a healthy body

From the feeling that "I want to make the ultimate slipper", I completed the slippers that used the best materials and pour all the skills cultivated in making shoes. Although it is not possible to make regular slippers, making slippers starts with making wooden shapes. And it takes time to complete leather gradually to fit into the shape of the foot gradually. However, by taking this time and effort, it fits perfectly to the foot, it is less tired, the slipper that natural walking is possible without skeleton and muscle distortion is born. Please try experiencing "an exceptional fit of the moment you wore."

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