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【Pot】Japanese Carbon Pot (IH & Direct fire) HOMUSUBI Rakugokoro (S) | Kitchen Gadgets | SC&SC

【Pot】Japanese Carbon Pot (IH & Direct fire) HOMUSUBI Rakugokoro (S) | Kitchen Gadgets | SC&SC

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Brand SC

The world's first Carbon Pot "Rakugokoro"

We co-developed with the famous Japanese restaurant "Rakushin" selected as Michelin.

Characteristics of Carbon Pot

· Because heat conductivity is higher than iron pot and stainless steel pan, heat is transferred to the whole pot.

· When it heats to 35 degrees or more, far infrared rays are generated from the carbon material, and like the charcoal fire, confines the inside of the flavor of the material.

· Carbon Pot inside is treated with special fluorine coating process, and it is easy to clean in order to prevent burning of dishes.

· The life of the pot is about 1 year, but Carbon Pot can be used permanently. It is also lighter than the pot and the pan pot, and is easy to carry.

What happens if you cook rice with Carbon Pot "Rakugokoro"?

In half the time compared with the pot, the fire passes through to the core, one grain is cooked deliciously with plenty.

What if you cook with Carbon Pot "Rakugokoro"?

Meat is juicy, while vegetables keeps the color of the material vivid and speeds the ingredients quickly. Anhydrous cooking is also possible.

Made in Japan · Crystal of craftsmanship technology

Carbon used as a material is burned at high temperature for over 3 months in order to eliminate impurities and enhance strength Repeat, finish to 99.9% solid carbon. A skilled craftman in Japan cuts it with precision of 0.01 millimeter without any misunderstanding and achieves perfect tightness with the lid.

More Information
More Information
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Product ID S0035-002
Product Name 【Pot】Japanese Carbon Pot (IH & Direct fire) HOMUSUBI Rakugokoro (S) | Kitchen Gadgets | SC&SC
Traditional Technique Carbon Working
Capacity 40.58 oz,
Measuring Φ7.87" * H2.76"
Product Weight 0
Country of Manufacture Japan
Remark / Material: Carbon graphite, Inside: fluorine coat, Outside: Heat resistant processing 500 ℃
About Creator & Maker



Rice can be cooked in 15 minutes, Excellent Thermal Conductivity and Far Infrared Effect


  • 1998
  • Carbon Products
  • Jyunji Sato



I have repeated research and development for more than 20 years.

My father Masashi Sato was studying carbon cookware. Twenty years after my father started research, my father succeeded in making a pot made of carbon. My father knew the high heat tradition rate of carbon and the characteristic of far infrared effect and he was convinced that the carbon material should be useful for cooking. And he held a strong feeling that "I would like to disseminate carbon kitchen ware throughout the world." One time, my father met Mr. Shintaro Katayama who is a Michelin single star chef now. And my father aimed to develop a high quality pot that satisfies the top chef. However, only a few years after A finally completed, he died without watching the spread of carbon kitchen ware.

Mr. Shintaro Katayama continues to use carbon pot that developed with my father even now, and its delicious rice is the most popular menu in the shop. Now I succeed in inheriting my father's will, commercialize and mass-produce carbon pots that had only a few in the world, and I am doing activities spreading to the whole world.



Masters of authentic Made in Japan

By repeating high-temperature firing over a period of three months or more, the carbon material used as a material eliminates impurities and increases the strength. Ultimately we will increase the quality to 99.9% carbon material perfect solid carbon material. Carbon material can not be poured into molds or molded with ROKURO like other pot making and pottery. For that reason, skilled craftsmen in Japan will shave them with elaborate 0.01 millimeter units. As a result, the pan and the lid are combined without insanity, and anhydrous cooking is also possible.

Born in craftsmen's manual work, the HOMUSUBI series is a simple design that gets rid of waste. Although it looks heavy at first glance, it is also lighter compared to the clay pot as it is a carbon material. It has high durability and can be used semipermanently, so there is no need to replace it.

The HOMUSUBI series is a product that stuck to all made in Japan, such as manufacturing, cutting out, finishing, packaging (paulownia wrapper, furoshiki)

For Customers


Functionality recognized by Michelin star chef ~ that taste, the domain of God ~

HOMUSUBI series sticks to usability as well. Utilizing the far infrared ray effect and high thermal conductivity characteristic of the carbon material, rice can be cooked in half the time of the pot. In the charcoal series, rice which cooked evenly, with only one solid fuel in just 15 minutes cooks up rice quickly.

In addition, high quality fluorine processing has been applied to the inside of the pot which was said to be difficult for carbon. As a result, the ingredients will not scorch and the cleaning up can be shortened.

Actually, I'm particular about packaging. The paulownia box which puts the commodity is very beautiful in traditional craftwork of Kanazawa. In addition, I wrapped the paulownia wrapped in a wrapping cloth made by Japanese traditional craftsmen with Japanese paper. Amazingly, I use the same washi for the cushioning material of corrugated cardboard. Let's get the Finest Japanese Pot.



DESIGN TOKYO International Design Product Exhibition 2018 Carbon Plate & Pot "Zen" won the Excellence Award

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