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Edo Kiriko Cut Glass

Traditional technique : Edo Kiriko Cut Glass
Birthplace : Tokyo
Age of origin : Around 1830
Period : Edo period

History :

It was reported that in 1834, the beadroy shop (glass shop) Kagaya Kyubei of Edo Daima Town was the first carved sculpture on the surface of the glass using golden sand (sandy corundum with abundant impurities, abrasive). In 1873, Shinagawa Kogyo Co., Ltd. glass factory was established as part of the Meiji Government's fostering industrial policy, invited Emmanuel Hopetoman, a British leader, as a truncated (cut) leader in Meiji 14, Following the guidance of Japanese named Japanese, traditional glass craft technique of Edo Kiriko which is transmitted to the present age was established.

Feature :

Accurate and detailed patterns are engraved on transparent lead glass (transparent glass) and thin colored glass layers. There are kinds of fishes, hemp leaves, chrysanthemums, etc. in the pattern, and we will engrave it with one kind of regular combination. It is a work that felt a unique aesthetic sense like Edo where common culture was adopted in that style. Colored covering [Irokki] When glass is used, there are many red and blue, but purple etc is regarded as traditional color.

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