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2016/ | Arita


16 designers gather from all over the world


    • 2016

Wieki Somers and Dylan van den Berg working at Koransha_Photography Anneke Hymmen


Birth at the milestone of Arita-yaki 400 years

2016/ makes contemporary porcelain using the specialist skills found in the pottery town of Arita, Japan. Local artistry is combined with international design talent in the making of desirable, everyday porcelain products. 2016/ aims to revive interest in and bring commerce back to this remarkable craft region and its makers.

  1. Shigeki Fujishiro

    It is a collection centered on "Red" symbolizing Japan. Design harmonized with both Western and Oriental table, and sticking to being able to use every day.


    Drip coffee set that makes coffee soft taste. In addition, we made a kettle and pot of heat-resistant porcelain that can be used in open flame, oven and microwave oven.

  3. Ingegerd Råman

    By stacking, tea is kept warm, it can be stored neatly, high functional tea set. The figure when stacked is simple, modern and beautiful.

  4. Stefan Diez

    I pursued ease of use as daily tableware. It is a collection of features characterized by precision and sophistication of shapes that give a softer impression.

  5. Pauline Deltour

    I made the hill attached to the Japanese bowl a theme for the collection. It is a collection that gives a novel impression while using the traditional glaze color.

  6. Tomás Alonso

    How to use containers is an ambitious collection of owners ideas. We use specially developed soil to achieve thin, strong and geometric shapes.

  7. Teruhiro Yanagihara

    Simple, insisting too much, it blends into any interior design. It is a challenging collection with a finished product of uneven glaze which is dared to be a taboo.

  8. Studied Wieki Somers

    The gradation drawn on the porcelain is beautiful, the stainless steel used for the handle of the teapot is complementing the functionality and innovative design.

  9. Christien Meindertsma

    In the past, merchants in the Netherlands offered linen fabrics to the general of Japan, and brought back precious porcelain instead. It is a collection of such themes.

  10. Saskia Diez

    In Japan, it is a ring and bracelet inspired from the traditional "scales" used. It is a collection of the concept of "second skin" made of porcelain.

  11. Christian Haas’

    Study table settings in Asia and Europe, pursue shapes and sizes that work either way. We abolished the hill and revolutionized the traditional ceramics technology.

  12. Leon Ransmeier

    A soft feel like touching the soil, unexpectedly wanting to touch the collection. Handle that got inspired from sawtooth has become easy to grasp.

  13. Kirstie van Noort

    I have developed seven new colors and one new china clay. This new color and new clay became dishes made entirely from a single raw material.

  14. Kueng Caputo

    Using a technique of coloring with an airbrush, it is finished in a soft color gradation. The gradation of light and shadow changes according to viewing angle.

  15. TAF

    It can be used for both adults and children, both in Asia and Europe. It is a collection that you can enjoy twice depending on the idea.

  16. Scholten & Baijings

    All dishes were born by the reconstruction of a complicated new form which appeared by superimposing those outlines, since the actual historical form was the origin.

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