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About BECOS member registration

Q. How do I register as a member?

A. Please register "here".

Q. What kind of benefits do I have as members?

A. Notification from the shop and good deals will be delivered by e-mail.

Q. I did a member registration but I did not receive an email.

A. Please set up to receive mail from the member "@" domain. Please confirm the setting method below. 【1】 For free web e-mail address such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc. There is a possibility that it is automatically sorted into "junk mail folder" or "deleted folder". Please change the setting so that mail from our shop will not be distributed to "spam mail".

About your order

Q. How do I check the order status?

A. When your order is accepted, we will send you an email so please check it. You can also check from "my page".

Q. How much is the shipping cost?

A. Regarding shipping costs outside Japan, Free Shipping Over $300. Shipping fee for orders less than $ 300 is $ 28 worldwide. BECOS can be shipped to all over the world.
Regarding shipping costs in Japan, Free Shipping Over JPY 30,000. The domestic shipping fee will be JPY 800 (Excluding Tax) nationwide (including Hokkaido, Okinawa, and remote islands).

Q. I want to purchase in large quantities, but are there inventory?

A. Since shipping availability varies depending on the availability of products, please contact us once by e-mail.

Q. Can I cancel my order?

A. We confirm your order and we do not accept cancellation after settlement.

Q. I received the goods, can I return or exchange it?

A. In principle, we will only accept in case of initial malfunction / miscarriage. Please offer by e-mail within one week after goods arrival. Returns and exchanges due to customer's convenience can not be accepted at all, except for the reasons stated in the terms of use.

Q. How do I return or exchange?

A. Please contact us by e-mail with "Reasons for Return / Exchange".

About payment method

Q. What kind of payment methods do you have?

A. We have settlement using credit card payment, PayPal.

Q. How much is the settlement fee?

A. There is no settlement fee.

About delivery

Q. How long will the item arrive?

A. After confirming the settlement, we will ship normally within 7 business days. (However, there is a possibility that shipment may be delayed in the following cases: In case of flood of order, delay due to traffic circumstances, undeliverable due to unseasonable weather or the effect of disaster, delivery delays occur, busy season such as New Year's holidays ) We will inform you separately the time of delivery by e-mail for products of order-made production.

Q. Where can I check when my order does not arrive?

A. We will send you an email when shipping items. I've posted the shipment tracking number in that mail. Please use the number to contact the shipping company. If you do not receive the email, please contact us.

Q. What happens if I can not receive my package within the storage deadline?

A. We will send the item back to you. However, please pay the shipping fee when resending.

Q. Can I specify the delivery date and time?

A. It does not correspond to delivery date and time designation. The tracking number of the shipment is placed in the mail we send to you at the time of shipment completion. Please use the number to contact the shipping company.