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Kutani Ware

Traditional technique : Kutani Ware
Birthplace : Ishikawa Prefecture
Age of origin : Around 1655
Period : Edo period

History :

Kutani-ware is the beginning of Kiriya burning in Kutani village, Egunuma gun, who studied ceramics in Arita by the life of the Kaga clan in the first year of the Koza (1655). However, in just 100 years it is a waste kiln. The cause is not yet known, but what I burned during this time is now called "old Kutani". Speaking 100 years after the waste kiln, the pottery in Japan was Imari ware. However, on the occasion of the successful porcelain industry in Seto in the late Edo period, Kaga-wareware and Wakasugi-ware began to be made in Kaga.

Furthermore, as a result of that Wakasugi-ware's success, the movement of rebuilding Kokutani has strengthened even in the Daisho Domain clan that once produced Kokutani. That central character was a Yoshidaya Denemon, a large trading deal of Daizenji. In literary sixth year (1823), I built a climbing kiln next to the Kutani kiln site in Kutani village, and the next year I started baking Kutaniware. Since entering the Meiji era, the coloring of the Kutani Shozo (Kotani Shozo) was famous, and a large amount of Kutani pottery was exported abroad. It was the opening of the Expo in Vienna in 1873 in Meiji 6. As the "Japan Kutani" the name of Kutaniware spread quickly.

Feature :

The attraction of Kutani-ware is all color painting decoration, it is impossible to talk about Kutaniware away from painting. Based on Kutani Five colors (red · yellow · green · purple · iron blue), it develops mainly with green, yellow and purple, and the depth of the color born by the overlapping of the sunked colors brings out a heavy taste . Next, it is said that Kutaniware 's lavish charm lies in its brush. Exquisite harmony is kept by the strong painting of the braid of Wu Suku with a thickly raised upholstery. Thanks to this sense of color and brushstroke, we created a gorgeous decorative color porcelain, expressing the world of Kutani.

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