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Kishu Lacquer

Traditional technique : Kishu Lacquer
Birthplace : Wakayama Prefecture
Age of origin : Around 1288
Period : Kamakura period

History :

At Negoriji in Wakayama prefecture nowadays, we have been making lots of lacquerware mainly for furniture used by daily monks who have thousands of temple servants and trays for temples. From the technical mismatch, a black paint on the vermilion box was created, and a beautiful instrument was born by chance. This is rather pleasing as an interesting thing, techniques will deliberately devise to break the vermillion of the surface to break the technique will develop. Afterwards, the painting with this technique was unexpectedly called "Negoro paint" and it became an important method of change coating.

Feature :

It was a practical item to be used on a daily basis in the temple, so it was a simple thing to finish by simply painting underlay with black lacquer and painting vermillion over it. As a result, during use, vermillion on the surface worn out and underlayed black lacquer appeared on the table at some places, creating a pattern of vermillion and black, which was pleased as if it was rather tasteful.

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