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Takaoka Bronze Ware

Traditional technique : Takaoka Bronze Ware
Birthplace : Takaoka city, Toyama Prefecture
Age of origin : Around 1611
Period : Edo period

History :

Takaoka Copperware is the beginning of 1611 (Keicho 16) Kaga lords owner Maeda Toshiyoshi invited seven founders to Kanoya cho, Takaoka city in order to prosper. Originally it was manufactured as arts and crafts to present to Daimyo. After that, it spread widely in Japan and abroad as a Buddhist tool, a pot kettle, a vase, a tea ceremony, a decorative bracket. In overseas, it was introduced through the London World Exposition in 1862, the Paris World Exposition in 1867, etc. Art Copperware also established a solid position as an export item.

Feature :

Takaoka Copperware is characterized by soft, delicate shaping and supple and beautiful casting skin moist. With the passage of time, the depth is born to its expression and feel, and the real beauty that hidden in the back appears. It is a craft that matures with people. In manufacturing, tracing the process of prototype making → casting → finishing processing → coloring, in every process, the exquisite craftsmanship skill is demonstrated, and by collaborating, one beauty of shaping is born. Takaoka manufactures as the only bronze warehouse in Japan, from tea ceremony, floral ornament, incense burner, buddha to bronze bell, and outdoor large bronze statue (bronze statue).

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