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Traditional technique : Armor
Birthplace : East Japan
Age of origin : Around 800
Period : Heian period

History :

As the result of archeology, in the Yayoi era there is a wooden instep such as "union type kidney" (middle early to late middle leaves from the end of the previous term) and "pull out crown" (early term of the early tomb from the end of the previous term), around the end of the previous term of Yayoi the peninsula The appearance of armor with system weapons has also been confirmed. During the ancient tomb era, things unique to the Japanese Archipelago emerge, which are made of leather-like steel plates called "shinoba" by excavating or stamping (excavation) as excavated articles of ancient tombs, and furthermore tombs From the middle of the era, the armor (armor) called "armor" that was influenced by the continent appeared.

In the Nara period, Shikoku and Kamakura were used continuously, but the real thing was not transmitted, and I do not fully understand what kind of appearance it was.Along with the emergence of samurai in the Heian period, unique armor of large armor came to be seen. During the Heian period, traffic with China (Tang) had disappeared, Japanese hobby was demonstrated, and a major change was also brought to the armor. As the previous cavalry fight was almost completed, large armor appeared. It can also be said that the era of Muromachi era Housomaru and belly band combined use. Armor was forced to change three times as military change in late Muromachi era such as spear epidemic, gun transmissions and so on. Thus, in the age of civil war, the modern applause blew the world.

Feature :

Difference between armor made in Japan and overseas manufactured in Japan There are some features that Japanese armor can not be seen overseas. I can understand how the overseas armor made of iron itself is made of iron. Various treatments are not done like armor made in Japan. As for defense power, it is said that Japanese-made one is exceptionally high. The reason for having a high defense power is that it combines various parts, and it is because it is made strong by not only iron but also lacquer coating and string (string) is used. The armor made in Japan which has a beautiful appearance in appearance is highly evaluated also from overseas.

By comparing armor made in Japan with armor made from overseas, it is easy to understand how Japanese armor is superior, characteristics of made in Japan.I would like to take a closer look at what the characteristics of Japanese armor are in. Brilliant coloring and beauty, the most characteristic of Japanese armored armor is nothing but vivid coloring and overall beauty. Although it is hardly seen in the armor of the Kofun period and the Heian period, around the time when the samurai began to play an active role, I got the armor to wear it as a way to show off their power. Also in the Edo era, when we were decorating the armor which was not used in battle for the decoration for the samurai residence, many colorful armor are produced.

The senior martial artists put large sleeves on the armor and the sleeves tend to have a lot of things designed with colorful textiles.It is characteristic of Japan that clear colors such as red and blue are used, and many colors are used for the armor produced for decoration in the Edo period. The beauty of that makes me complement the Japanese armor. Armor that combines technologies of various genres Although armor made mainly by Japanese armor is produced mainly by armor, professionals specialized in various genres as well as armor are involved and characterized by being produced It is also one of them. For example, in the era of warring States, not only armored craftsmen but also swords and bow and arrow artisans tend to be useful, and the number of craftsmen has also increased sharply as there were many demand for armor. Technologies in fields such as wrought iron and leather, metalworking, lacquerware craft which were popular every era have been adopted.

As I said about the coloring and beauty of armor, the Edo period was particularly useful as a tool for decorating rather than as an armor, so I put points on the look of appearance.Therefore, by applying the technique used in metalworking and lacquer work to the armor, I improved the beauty of the armor more. By combining not only the technique necessary for armor making but also various genres of techniques, it means that a new Japanese armor was born. It can be said that this is a unique technique in Japan. Japan made armor which combines various parts Armor made in Japan is "armor" by combining various parts. There are parts such as standing (flip-flops), blowing back, eyes, face cheeks, aside pulls, side punches, stuffs, large sleeves, grass slides, yes shields. The more armor we have these parts in unified, the more valuable it will be. If part is changed as well, the purchase price drops greatly, the more it is related. There are many parts of armor made in Japan than there are made overseas, and its parts are also different depending on the type of armor manufactured by the times. Because there are such differences, it may be evidence that many people are fascinated by Japanese armor.

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