[Mug (Cup)] Hibiki Aoi Mug Cup | Kháng Kyoto-Kiyomizu

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Customer Reviews

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Mai Brace
Exquisite color and texture! I want to touch it all the time.

I love traditional crafts with unique design, and I was surprised at this mug.

With a solid packing, we arrived in about 5 days after ordering.

The contrast between orange and blue is very beautiful, and the different textures are interesting! With a three -dimensional design, it has a more presence than you can see in the product photo.

You can feel the story unique to handmade, and it will be a special mug. I will take the time to use it with my husband.

In addition, the wrapping using Japanese paper was so cute that it was so cute, and it was inevitable to open it. I thought that it would be possible to choose not only for gifts to loved ones such as family and friends, but also for superiors who could not fail.

This was my first shopping here, but I will use it again! thank you very much!

Thank you for posting the review!
We are glad to like the combination of traditional crafts and novel design.
Please grow this mug with a couple (^^)

Also, thank you for complimenting BECOS's special wrapping.
It is very popular with important gifts.
If you have a chance, please use BECOS (^^).