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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Perfect for celebration

We presented to celebrate the new opening of a beauty salon.
I was very pleased, the feeling of size was perfect, and I was a friend who was a cat lover, so everything was perfect.

Thank you for purchasing an invited cat this time!
It is perfect for celebrating the opening of a beauty salon. We are happy to be happy with our friends. It is a color that is hard to see elsewhere, and it may have been an impressive gift.
Thank you very much for the wonderful word of mouth while you are busy (^^) We look forward to your continued use again!

So wish will come true

I like feng shui, we gathered the goods. Pink cat saw for the first time! It is very cute and favorites. Because it contains the light blue of the box, we decorate as it is put in the box as the interior! I think I want to present to a friend!