[Mèo vẫy gọi (May mắn) ] Maneki Neko, Kinsho | Búp bê nghệ thuật Edo

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Adorable cat

Buy looking for a beckoning cat in the opening celebration. Unlike the pottery of the cat, warm beckoning cat is very lovely. I was wondering the other design, but it was good to here. Correspondence of Noshi also was saved and give me a.

To Hanasaka, Thank you for that with your purchase in the opening celebration. Different from the orthodox beckoning cat, but it has become a very popular pattern and elegant design. Awarded the people of the shops will be thriving business as, we also hope us. As a lucky charm, and so we become Dharma series (https://www.thebecos.com/collections/daruma) is also popular, please consider also come next time.