[Daruma (Doll)] Edo Daruma (Lớn) Nhà Tiên Tri Đỏ | edo Nghệ Thuật

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[Edo Wood Group] Kakinuma Doll Edo Daruma (Large) Feng Shui Red

The best as a Dharma figurine
Kakinuma dolls are made in a sense of craftsmen's polite jobs.
The value is a little high but it's worth it
You will be healed by the cuteness of the peace darma as you watch
It was really nice to buy this darma
Please put your left eye with your wishes
And if your wish comes true someday, have your right eye

Thank you for purchasing Daruma this time!
We are happy to feel the warmth created by the craftsman's hands, which is different from ready -made products and two flavors.
I pray that the day to put your eyes on the right will come as soon as possible (^^)
Daruma has been very popular with gifts, so we look forward to using it again!

Rare Dharma

Purchase in the mood at the instant. The other to be the design not.