[Mug (Cup)] Bốn mùa Sake Cup | Tsugaru vidro.

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Customer Reviews

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Present at the starting salary

It was donated to the parents in the starting salary! Since the liquor like parents, was passed in the favorite brand of sake and the set, it gave me willing to cry. I wanted to gift made in Japan of high-quality ones, we are very happy.

To Taiga

Lifetime you received available BECOS once the starting salary of a gift, Thank you very much. That it was me willing to be crying your parents, craftsmen I think it comes down to craftsmen favor. And can say so, we what really grateful. Please continue to give us your support.

The family celebration

It was a gift to friends in return for wedding gifts.
Since the one-by-one design is different, various enjoy in the mood different every day! If, they gave me very happy.