[Bếp (nồi)] Homusubi Than Feather Pot Tatsu với nắp gỗ (Trực tiếp & IH) | Xử lý carbon

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Customer Reviews

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Cat Round
Delicious surprise!

Rice is very easy to early, and I was surprised and very delicious cook!
Eaten simply delicious rice every day, it is if take over from generation to generation, no not at all high! I thought.

Flip Of The
The trousseau of daughter

My daughter is getting married, it lets her have the trousseau. Just a good size to a couple of newlyweds, and rice is delicious that son-in-law was also cooked here, It is said that pleased me. We are very happy to buy. Although that cook the rice seems to be a center, do you have use of also recommended to the other? I want to know if there is a recipe and recommendations of cooking.