[Khăn] Sarala "en" khăn tắm x 2 & khăn mặt x 2 (bộ 4 mảnh) | Khăn imabari

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Customer Reviews

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Yoichi Akatsu
Water absorption does not drop even if used for one year

I have been using it for more than a year, but it has never reduced the water absorption.

The bath towel is a little smaller, but it has enough water absorption, so there is no problem with this one.

Thank you for purchasing SARA-LA's Imabari towel!
I am very grateful that we will inform you of the feeling of use one year after purchase.
Because it is a simple and easy -to -use towel, it has been well received for gifts such as inside celebration.
If you have a chance to give a gift, please use it ^^