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Customer Reviews

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I gave it to my parents

I decided to give my parents a named fan with Father's Day and Mother's Day.
I was very pleased because it was luxurious and practical.
I didn't care because I assumed that it would take days to ship, but I was able to ship it unexpectedly quickly.
I sent an email to confirm the shipment date, but it was distributed to the spam mail folder and the reaction was delayed, so if you buy it, it will be smooth if you set it around the spam mail in advance. I think.
Thank you for the wonderful products.

Thank you for using our shop.
It seems that both parents and customers have been satisfied
We are very happy.

In addition, our email is distributed to spam folder
I was worried about it immediately.
We would like to thank other customers for their helpful reviews.

We look forward to your visit again.
Thank you very much.