[Truy cập] Tokoba Pyrmiddle Earrings Mini Ruri Kiki Tsunagi (K18) 124; Edo Cắt Glass

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Customer Reviews

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Best gift

I chose Edo Kiriko's earrings as a gift for friends who returned to my hometown in Tokyo for many years. Kiriko's accessories are unusual, and when they glitter, they shine very great! I was pleased.

Thank you for choosing BECOS items as a gift for your important friends.
Because it is an unusual pierced earring, you will surely remember the days you spent in Tokyo every time the pierced pierced pierced.
I would be grateful if you could use it again if you have the opportunity (^^)


Purchase a gift for a friend and blue and red for yourself.
It was very delicate, beautiful and impressive! My friend was pleased and it was good to buy it.

However, when attaching the mask, it was hooked on the mask string and broke from the part with the bracket. 。 。
At this time, we should have taken great care when removing the mask, which tends to be unconscious.

Thank you for your reviewer! We look forward to welcoming you back!

To White Day

White Day to buy for her. Because she likes blue, I found when I was looking for a piercing blue on the net. Facet of accessories gave me uncommon very happy. Her mother is also so me compliments.