(Thuốc lá) Reela Wax Leather Room Sabo (Camel) -124; chế tạo da.

Kích cỡ: Z ~ P (Cat ~ Thẩm phán)
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Customer Reviews

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Wahiro Tomita
I had a celebration to the new house ♪

We had you give a gift as a celebration for moving to the new house ♪ 2 sets of different colors between my wife and me, camel and ivory wax leather type. Both are very satisfied with the cute design than expected! Although it is leather, it is very light and the fit to the feet is very comfortable. I usually take off my slippers at home and scatter it (laughs), but this room sabo is comfortable and unconscious. When I looked it up, the craftsmen were handmade one by one. I was surprised at the manufacturing method. 。 Anyway, it was a very satisfying gift! There are many color variations, so I wanted to give it to someone for moving celebration and new construction.

Thank you for your reviewer! We look forward to welcoming you back!