[Large Plate (Platter)] 6 Color Dishes (9cm, 24cm) [C124; kagawa Lacquerware

Kích thước: 21cm
Màu sắc: Gỗ
Giá bán$96.00

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Suitable for both Japanese and Western food. A dish where the dishes shine

We had you give a present from the person who took care of it. The colors are "wood" and "yellow". I really like it because the foil is attached just by serving pasta and salad. Recently, my boom is to serve sashimi. The dark color of the dish will make the color of the fish vividly stand out and look more delicious.

Thank you very much for the wonderful review!
It looks very delicious no matter what you put. It goes well with any dish for both Japanese and Western food, so I'm glad if you can continue to use it.
BECOS has many products that are perfect for gifts.
If you have the opportunity, we look forward to using it (^^).

Name withheld by request
great joy

The partner who took care of me will be transferred to the department, so I gave it with gratitude.

I usually didn't use crafts, but on the contrary, I was happy and chose it.

I was really pleased with the aim, and the charm of the product was the best, but I was happy to be praised.

Let's give it to other people again!

Thank you for posting wonderful reviews this time!
Even those who have few opportunities to touch traditional crafts should be able to notice their charm when they are incorporated from daily necessities such as tableware. I am really happy to be happy with the other person.
If you have the opportunity, please use it again (^^)