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Offering Outstanding Japanese Ceramics for More Than 130 Years

Marumo Takagi started selling ceramic sake cups under the name "Marui Shoten" in 1887. Pottery has been produced in this area of southern Gifu prefecture for about 1,300 years. Mino, the area that encompasses Tajimi and neighboring Toki, is known in Japan as “Ceramic Valley,” and the traditional “Mino ware” produced by craftsmen there is officially registered as a Traditional Japanese Craft by the Japanese government. There are even two craftsmen in the region who are designated Living National Treasures!

Recently, Masaharu Takagi, the company’s fifth president, has been promoting Japanese pottery around the world. The company sells much of its dishware to restaurants, chefs, and even Japanese embassies around the globe! It specializes in making custom designs to suit the needs of its customers.
One of Marumo Takagi’s president’s more modern ideas came when he imagined the possibilities that could be created if pottery itself could visually express the temperature of the drink or food inside of it. Since much of Japanese food and drink is served at just the right temperature, eating or drinking it right away is important.

This led to the creation of the color-changing Warm and Cool series cups that feature scenes of Japan’s iconic four seasons. 

Cherry Blossoms and Fireworks Appear

The point that the company was most concerned about and struggled with was coloration. The color of the Cool series changes when the temperature is below 17°C and the Warm series when the temperature is above 45°C. To get the color to change, special paints are mixed and fired in a special kiln.

When creating each new design, prototypes are fired over and over again until the perfect color change is achieved. Whether enjoying a cold beverage in one of the Cool series cups or a hot beverage in the Warm series cups, the beautiful color change adds an extra element to the presentation that delights people of all ages.

Make Mealtimes More Exciting

The history of Japanese pottery began as far back as 15,000 years ago with Jomon pottery. Throughout its history, pottery has evolved into various shapes, sizes and colors depending on its use. Marumo Takagi was able to create a new innovation in Japanese pottery with their products.

Pour in your favorite drink and enjoy the beautiful transformation that will remind you of Japan and its four seasons.


1990 Tableware presented to the Imperial household for the coronation of the new Emperor

2020 New design-changing glasses introduced

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展示 1 - 48 的 99 產品
[清酒杯] 9件套裝日本日本傳統魔術| Mino Wares | Marumo Takagi[清酒杯] 9件套裝日本日本傳統魔術| Mino Wares | Marumo Takagi
New Arrival
[清酒杯] 12件套裝日本日本傳統魔術| Mino Wares | Marumo Takagi[清酒杯] 12件套裝日本日本傳統魔術| Mino Wares | Marumo Takagi
New Arrival
【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 圓弧杯 冷感櫻花2件【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 圓弧杯 冷感櫻花2件
5 Star
5 Star
[茶杯]櫻花魔法yunomi |順日本| MINO WARES.[茶杯]櫻花魔法yunomi |順日本| MINO WARES.
5 Star
【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 清酒杯 日本四季冷感變色杯4件【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 清酒杯 日本四季冷感變色杯4件
5 Star
【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 清酒杯 冷感櫻花2件【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 清酒杯 冷感櫻花2件
[杯子(杯)]狗父母和孩子(白色)| Mino Wares | Marumo Takagi[杯子(杯)]狗父母和孩子(白色)| Mino Wares | Marumo Takagi
New Arrival
[杯子(杯)]熊貓父母和孩子| Mino Wares | Marumo Takagi[杯子(杯)]熊貓父母和孩子| Mino Wares | Marumo Takagi
New Arrival
【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 圓弧杯 日本四季冷感變色杯4件【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 圓弧杯 日本四季冷感變色杯4件
[清酒杯] 櫻花 & 秋楓美濃燒(黑) 2只 | SHUN JAPAN[清酒杯] 櫻花 & 秋楓美濃燒(黑) 2只 | SHUN JAPAN
5 Star
【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 平底杯 日本四季冷感變色杯4件【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 平底杯 日本四季冷感變色杯4件
5 Star
【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 圓弧杯 冷感富士2件【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 圓弧杯 冷感富士2件
【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 圓弧杯 冷感楓紅2件【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 圓弧杯 冷感楓紅2件
[茶杯]秋葉魔術yunomi |順日本| MINO WARES.[茶杯]秋葉魔術yunomi |順日本| MINO WARES.
【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 櫻花富士冷感變色平盃對杯組【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 櫻花富士冷感變色平盃對杯組
[翻轉]櫻花和MT Fuji(1件)|顏色與設計變化| MINO WARES.[翻轉]櫻花和MT Fuji(1件)|顏色與設計變化| MINO WARES.
[茶杯]顏色與設計變化MT。富士(B,1件)|順日本| MINO WARES.[茶杯]顏色與設計變化MT。富士(B,1件)|順日本| MINO WARES.
[MUG(杯)]顏色與設計變更心(1件)|順日本| MINO WARES.[MUG(杯)]顏色與設計變更心(1件)|順日本| MINO WARES.
[Tumbler]秋葉魔術2​​件MARUMO TAKAGI
[清杯] Hanabi(Fireworks)Magic 2件[清杯] Hanabi(Fireworks)Magic 2件
[清杯] Hanabi(Fireworks)...MARUMO TAKAGI
【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 平底杯 冷感櫻花2件【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 平底杯 冷感櫻花2件
5 Star
【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 香檳杯 櫻花冷感變色杯2件【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 香檳杯 櫻花冷感變色杯2件
5 Star
[搖滾玻璃]顏色與設計變化櫻花&mt。富士(1件)|順日本| MINO WARES.[搖滾玻璃]顏色與設計變化櫻花&mt。富士(1件)|順日本| MINO WARES.
【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN  香檳杯 煙火冷感變色杯2件【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN  香檳杯 煙火冷感變色杯2件
S0111-062 [MUG(CUP)]顏色與設計變更CAT&MARI |米諾瓦爾斯S0111-062 [MUG(CUP)]顏色與設計變更CAT&MARI |米諾瓦爾斯
S0111-062 [MUG(CUP)]顏色...MARUMO TAKAGI
[茶杯]金槍魚TOUR |顏色和設計變更| MINO潔具[茶杯]金槍魚TOUR |顏色和設計變更| MINO潔具
[茶杯]櫻花(1件)Sencha Soo Selet |顏色與設計變化| MINO WARES.[茶杯]櫻花(1件)Sencha Soo Selet |顏色與設計變化| MINO WARES.
[清酒瓶和杯子]順日本發出聲音! Sakura Fuji(3件)|順日本| MINO WARES.[清酒瓶和杯子]順日本發出聲音! Sakura Fuji(3件)|順日本| MINO WARES.
Arrival in middle Apr.
【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 平底杯 冷感富士2件【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 平底杯 冷感富士2件
S0111-064 [MUG(杯)]顏色與設計變更搜索貓|米諾瓦爾斯S0111-064 [MUG(杯)]顏色與設計變更搜索貓|米諾瓦爾斯
[茶杯]彩色與設計變更Hokusai(B,1件)|順日本| MINO WARES.[茶杯]彩色與設計變更Hokusai(B,1件)|順日本| MINO WARES.
【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 陶瓷杯 愛心手勢變色杯【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 陶瓷杯 愛心手勢變色杯
[玻璃]牛奶微笑魔法 (狗和貓) 2 件[玻璃]牛奶微笑魔法 (狗和貓) 2 件
【清酒杯】秋葉魔術2件MARUMO TAKAGI
【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 香檳杯 楓紅冷感變色杯2件
【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 香檳杯 楓紅冷感變色杯2件
【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 圓弧杯 冷感煙火2件【美濃燒】旬 SHUN JAPAN 圓弧杯 冷感煙火2件
[小菜(板)] akafuji |庫塔尼商品[小菜(板)] akafuji |庫塔尼商品
[小菜(板)] nami |庫塔尼商品[小菜(板)] nami |庫塔尼商品
[玻璃] Daruma玻璃(L)| Marumo takagi | Mino商品[玻璃] Daruma玻璃(L)| Marumo takagi | Mino商品
[杯子(杯)]奇瓦瓦杯杯|顏色與設計變更| Mino商品[杯子(杯)]奇瓦瓦杯杯|顏色與設計變更| Mino商品
[杯子(杯)]植物(黑色)杯子和碟子|顏色與設計變更| Mino商品[杯子(杯)]植物(黑色)杯子和碟子|顏色與設計變更| Mino商品
[杯子(杯)]植物(藍色花)杯子杯|顏色與設計變更| Mino商品[杯子(杯)]植物(藍色花)杯子杯|顏色與設計變更| Mino商品
[杯子(杯)]植物(水果)杯子杯|顏色與設計變更| Mino商品[杯子(杯)]植物(水果)杯子杯|顏色與設計變更| Mino商品
[杯子(杯)]植物(康普頓)杯子杯|顏色與設計變更| Mino商品[杯子(杯)]植物(康普頓)杯子杯|顏色與設計變更| Mino商品