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Welcome to BECOS

"Beautiful Crafts Online Store"

BECOS is a Tokyo, Japan-based e-commerce platform that brings together artisans from across Japan who create products made with traditional Japanese techniques.

We believe in quality over quantity and longevity over trendiness, and we curate our selection to reflect these values. We hope you will find a Japanese item that will enrich your life.

Our Story

Hi, I'm BECOS founder Kentaro Kashimura.

I started BECOS in 2017 with the goal of spreading the joys of traditional crafts here in Japan, where demand has fallen in modern times and craftsmen struggle to find customers for their products.   
Since then, we have expanded to selling a collection of nearly 4,000 made-in-Japan items around the world.

BECOS does more than simply recommend products - we aim to showcase the qualities of each item, the thoughts behind it, and sometimes even the struggles of the craftspeople.

The products sold at BECOS have been carefully selected by our excellent team of buyers, who visit workshops, chat with local craftspeople, and actually hold the products in their hands to learn all about them.

While it may not be the most effective way to do business, we wouldn’t change it for the world.

With respect and gratitude to the craftspeople of Japan who share our passion and work alongside us, BECOS will continue in its unwavering mission to create meaningful, moving experiences through encounters with genuine Japanese craftsmanship.

Our mission

At BECOS, we strive to enrich our customer’s lifestyles by introducing products that will be loved and that will only get better with age and use.

We encourage you to order one of the exquisite products from our store and see for yourself how much passion goes into each item.

What Sets Our Products Apart?

Made in Japan

All of the products on BECOS are made here in Japan by dedicated 'shokunin,' experts dedicated to their craft.

Better with Time

We strive to deliver items that will enrich our customers lifestyles by growing even better with age.


We seek out unique, handmade products that can't be found on big-brand retailers' sites. 

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