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Ainu crafts are created in the course of daily life. They are made with respect and gratitude for nature.


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Recommended Cold Sake Sets Made in Japan

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4 Recommended Hot Sake Cup Sets from Japan

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5 Recommended Wooden Sake Cup Sets from Japan

5 Recommended Wooden Sake Cup Sets from Japan

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Ainu crafts have been created in daily life. Why not incorporate these gentle handicrafts, made with love and prayers for loved ones, into your daily life today?

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7 Reasons to Choose BECOS When Buying Traditional Made-In-Japan Products

1. We Know the Artisans Personally

All items on BECOS are made by talented artisans from across Japan. We have visited every workshop to meet with the artisans, watch them work, listen to their stories, and hold the items in our hands. This is what allows us to confidently introduce our products to people around the world.

2. We Share the Stories of the Artisans

At BECOS, we do our best not only to describe the products themselves, but also the passion and thoughts of the artisans who make the product. Knowing about the person who made an item you love makes it all the more special.

3. We Value the Work that Goes Into Traditional Crafts

We value the hard work that goes into traditional Japanese crafts, and strive to always sell our products at a fair price. Many traditional Japanese crafts are in danger of dying out as society moves to cheaper, mass-produced goods. When you buy a product on BECOS, you can feel good that your money is helping traditional Japanese artisans continue their legacy.

4. We Offer Name Engraving

Many items such as Japanese knives, chopsticks, folding fans, cups and glasses, etc. can be personalized with an engraving. Give a memorable gift of a traditional Japanese craft with the recipient's name or a special message etched onto it!

5. Beautiful Japanese Gift Wrapping

We offer a wide selection of beautiful gift wrapping for almost any product on our site. Add an extra Japanese touch to a gift by ordering washi wrapping paper and a dried bouquet of flowers.

6. Global Shipping

We ship worldwide by air mail, delivering your made-in-japan goods to your doorstep in just 1 to 3 weeks

7. 100% Compensation

In case anyhting is damaged during shipping, we will fully cover the cost and get you a replacement right away.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Traditional Made-In-Japan Products on BECOS

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Shop Pay.

How much does shipping cost

Shipping is $20 worldwide or free for orders over $300

What countries can you ship to?

We can deliver to any country or region in the world where Japan Post, FedEx, or DHL can deliver.

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