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Mini Cart

  • Tatami rag

  • Tatami yoga mat

  • Bottle Armor

  • Ornament・Mirror

  • Art panel

  • Flower base

  • lighting equipment

  • Lady's fashion

  • Accessory

  • Men's fashion

  • Tie・Bow tie

  • Dishes

  • Mug&Cup

  • Sake Bottle

  • Teapot

  • Cruet・Mini Pot

  • Obon・Tray

  • Byobu・Kagejiku

  • Towel・tenugui

  • Photo Book


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-Arita & Imari ware 2016/-

Collaboration of top designers and Japanese craftsman in Arita

In 2016, 400 years after Arita yaki was born.
The 2016/ series created by bringing together top designers from around the world to Arita.
The world of pottery never seen before.

Shigeki Fujishiro

Saskia Diez

Christian Haas’


Stefan Diez

Pauline Deltour


Traditional crafts, it is a technique crystal of craftsmen

The Kyoji's technique that lasts 1000 years since the Nara period


Challenge to innovative furniture

Ominato Bunkichi Shoten


Watch craftsmanship with video


Photograph collection received from customers

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