BECOS Product Photoshoot

BECOS is an online site that partners with local craftspeople to share traditional Japanese crafts with the world. New products are constantly being added to the site, and we had the opportunity to hold and test some of them out for ourselves! We selected pieces that we believe would be an amazing addition to any household, as well as beautiful accessories for any occasion.


Flower Crystal Mug Set (Red and Blue 2 Piece Set)

Flower crystal mug set

These mugs are elegant and refined, with the petals of the floral pattern appearing even more defined in person. This set comes with one blue and one red mug, although the “red” mug is more of a pale pink.

 Flower crystal mug

While sturdy, the mugs are quite light and have a delicate air about them. The floral pattern continues to the interior, so there is no shortage of artistry about them. The smooth, glossy surface beautifully reflects the light and elevates the finesse of the intricate petal pattern.

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Imari-Arita Ware Mug (Apricot)

Apricot Imari-Arita Mug

While made with traditional Japanese techniques, this mug has a modern flare with a simple design allows it to easily complement other dishes, no matter the aesthetic. Although the color appears pastel in pictures, in real life it is a lovely, gentle orange.

 Apricot Imari Arita mug

The mug is on the smaller side, so we recommend using it for drinks such as espresso, piccolo lattes, and other smaller beverages. It can also be used to hold snacks and treats!

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Sake Cup Sets

Flower Crystal Sake Set (3 Piece Set)

Flower crystal sake set

This is the quintessential sake cup set, with the “tokkuri” (bottle) and “ochoko” (cups) all decorated with the same fine floral pattern as the mug set shown above. We were extremely impressed that such small cups were able to be decorated with the same amount of detail as the larger wares.

Flower crystal sake set

As a refined drink calls for an equally refined vessel, these delicate cups are perfect for drinking sake! Their daintiness is sure to make sake taste even more distinguished!

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Kanazawa Gold Leaf Sake Set (3 Piece Set)

Kanazawa gold leaf sake set

Kanazawa gold leaf is an incredibly delicate traditional craft that adds a luxurious air to anything it touches. This sake set is no exception, shimmering in the sunlight and glowing under the ceiling lights.

 Kanazawa gold leaf sake set

 The gold glittered when we poured liquid into the tokkuri and ochoko, and at certain angles it made the contents appear like liquid gold. We loved that the gold on the bottom of the glass had slight cracks, making us think of inverted “kintsugi” (that art of repairing broken pieces with gold).

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Flower Crystal Rice Bowl Set (2 Piece Set)

 Crystal flower rice bowl set

If you couldn't already tell, we were totally head over heels about these flower crystal patterns! They were once again beautifully presented by the open design of these rice bowls, which will surely serve to take dinnertime to the next level of elegance!

Flower crystal rice bowl set

While shaped and marketed as rice bowls, we feel they have so much more potential! We love the idea of using them as display bowls to hold treats and snacks, and would be keen to hear your ideas on how to use them as well!

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"Arigato" Calligraphy Earring (10K Gold)

Arigato calligraphy gold earring

This earring is designed by a Japanese calligrapher and spells out “arigato,” or “thank you” in Japanese. This dainty piece is made from 10K gold and is incredibly light. It did not weigh the earlobe down at all – in fact, we barely felt it!

Arigato calligraphy gold earring

This would be a lovely gift to express your gratitude to someone, but it would also be perfect to remind yourself to be thankful, or adorn yourself with beautiful Japanese calligraphy!

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We hope that hearing about our personal opinions gave you more insight into the products! What else would you like to hear about?


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