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Onigawara Iemori Shinsuke KamiyaShinsuke Kamiya

A guardian god with an ogre's face!

Onigawara have been decorated on the roofs of temples, shrines, and houses since ancient times as a guardian deity to ward off calamities that befell them.

KIGAN-MORI is made with the utmost care and crafted by Onimishi, who have the traditional techniques of tile making that have been handed down for over 1,400 years from ancient buildings in Japan.

The temple is famous for having fulfilled the prayers of Minamoto no Yoritomo, the feudal lord of the Edo period, so you can expect good fortune from this temple!

Since these onigawara play the role of dispelling evil demons, they will help you achieve your goal single-mindedly with the demon's glare so that no one can interfere!


Manufacturer Onigawara Iemori
Country of origin Aichi Prefecture, Japan
기술 Sanshu Onigawara Crafts
재료 Clay (specially prayed for at Noma Doibo Temple)
크기 W1.77 * D0.51 * H3.94 in. , Leather string : 31.5 in. (W4.5 * D1.3 * H10、皮紐:約80cm)
무게 0.11 lbs(50g)
용량 0 oz(0ml)
Electronic Equipment
메모 The position of the engraving on the back of the product may differ from that shown in the photograph.
The product may be damaged by impact due to the nature of the ware.
It is believed to prevent misfortune from the wearer and may serve as a substitute for the wearer.
When attaching portable items, etc., please attach a cork sheet or felt to the back of the amulet to prevent it from being scratched.
Due to the handmade nature of this product, the actual product may differ slightly from the one shown in the image.
배달 시간 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)

Oni Shi

Create works with flexible ideas

Akihiko Hattori


The third generation of the 80-year-old Onigawara studio "Kito". While working on all kinds of onigawara from private houses to restoration of cultural properties, product development in new fields is underway in collaboration with the Japan Industrial Designers Association.

My philosophy

Solid technology and innovative sense

From the track record of providing works to buildings and temples that can be said to be symbols of Japan, such as the Imperial Palace, Kyoto Imperial Palace, and Izumo Taisha, his ability as a demon teacher is origami.

It was the daily training that built it, and the sense that was cultivated by actively touching the works of our predecessors.

I often get inspiration from things around me and things I encountered while traveling, and flexible thinking is the driving force for creating new works.

Creating works starts with creating tools

The right person in the right place.

Use different tools depending on the purpose, such as gold spatula if you want to polish it beautifully, and bamboo spatula if you want a rough finish.

Since the finish differs depending on the material, we often create special tools depending on the work we produce.

Focus points

A fusion of traditional and contemporary sensibilities

The motto is "Look and remember." Although he has a career of about 15 years as a demon teacher, he has seen and absorbed various works and techniques that are not limited to demon tiles.

Its strength is that it has both solid technology as a demon teacher and an innovative sense.

For Customers

For the tile culture to be reviewed

My dream is to work on historical buildings such as temples and shrines, and to review Japanese tile culture.

It is also a mission.

"In some cases, the tiles will be modified 100 years later.

At that time, I would be happy if the tiles had my name engraved on them."-

Brand history and characteristics

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