【NEW ARRIVAL】Hashikura Matsukan|Luxury Lacquerware Chopsticks That Bring People Together

Hashikura Matsukan is a Wakasa-nuri brand that produces unconventional and free-thinking chopsticks in Obama City, Fukui Prefecture, which accounts for 70% of all lacquered chopstick production in Japan.

Wakasa-nuri is characterized by the glossy colors and robustness of its lacquering process, and while utilizing traditional techniques, Matsukan continues to pursue chopsticks that fit modern lifestyles.

This time, the lineup includes chopsticks in matte, deep, traditional Japanese colors and a gift series with a sea theme.

The chopsticks, which feel comfortable in the hand and are easy to use, are recommended as items that add color to the dining table or as a milestone gift for a loved one.

This time's lineup includes chopsticks in a variety of matte and deep traditional Japanese colors, as well as a set of chopsticks and chopstick rests made of seashells, the bounty of the sea.

We hope that you will add these items to your dining table. They are also perfect as gifts for your loved ones.


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