U-en Art" is a brand of handmade lacquerware made of a fusion of natural wood and metal, located in Muko City, Kyoto, Japan.

The company name "U-en Art" is a combination of "Yu-en" lacquerware and "Yuien", which means a connection between the user and the lacquerware.

Originally, we started as a subcontractor for wood and metal processing, and in 2020, we started our original lacquerware workshop using the techniques we have cultivated over the years.

Natural wood and metal are materials with completely different properties, and combining them requires a high level of skill and experience.

Natural wood expands and contracts depending on temperature and humidity, so the wood base is produced after it has dried sufficiently to allow the changes to settle down. Relative metal is a material characterized by its unchangeability.

These are fused together to create easy-to-use, fashionable lacquerware that meets the needs of today.

Each piece is carefully handmade with the hope of bringing smiles to the faces of many customers.

We hope you will take this opportunity to incorporate lacquerware into your daily life.

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