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Kouun Kiln Yasuo Yamaguchi Yasuo Yamaguchi

A series with the motif of a blue bird, which is said to be a symbol of good luck.

The more you use the works of earthenware over the years, the more delicious and various unexpected and interesting scenery will be created.

Moisture penetrates through the cracks in the glaze, changing the color of the glaze on the surface and creating stains like leaks.

Enjoy the scenery of the only vessel that gradually changes beautifully.



Tableware for Life

Kouun Kiln

  • 1992
  • Takeo Karatsu Wares
  • Yasuo Yamaguchi


Establishment of Takeo Karatsu Wares

The pottery was opened in 1992.

Initially, most of the pottery produced in the Takeo City area was of the Karatsu type.

There is no such thing as Takeo Wares in the traditional pottery.

However, I have been trying to establish Takeo Wares on my own, and to make tableware that fits the modern lifestyle based on the traditions of old Karatsu.



Aiming for a fusion of traditional and modern styles

Kouun kiln produces two types of tableware.

One of them is the old-fashioned earthenware of the Karatsu series.

The other is gorgeous tableware decorated with colors called Akae and Uwae.

Since the establishment of the kiln, all processes, from kneading clay with a potter's wheel to firing with a glaze uniquely blended from domestic natural raw materials, have been consistently carried out by hand one by one.

Our goal is to create new pieces of pottery that are a perfect fit for modern life while carrying on the traditional techniques of the 400 year old Takeo kiln, which is a descendant of Karatsu Wares.


For Customers

A little bit richer life.

We place the utmost importance on making "tableware that is close to your life".

If our tableware enriches the lives of those who pick it up and make their lives or their casual dining experience, even if only a little, that is my greatest pleasure.

We hope you will welcome them to your table.


Manufacturer Kouun Kiln
Country of origin Saga Prefecture, Japan
Technique Karatsu Wares
Material Pottery
Size (About) W7.08" * H8.66"(最大幅18.0* H15.0(最大高H22.0)cm)
Weight 1.87 lbs(850g)
Capacity 28.74 oz(850ml)
Electronic Equipment Microwave oven : XDishwashing machine : XDirect fire : XIH : XOven : X,
Delivery Time 1~2 weeks (if out of stock + 3~4 weeks) *The delivery time may be extended due to COVID-19.

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