9 Custom Chopsticks from Japan that you can Personalize

In Japan, custom, personalized chopsticks are a popular gift for newlyweds, parents, grandparents, and children. Since they can be used every day, they become a special daily reminder of the connection with the giver. Custom chopsticks can also be fun to make for yourself or as a set for your family. 

Keep reading to see our tips for choosing custom chopsticks, as well as our 9 recommended chopsticks that can be personalized

Points to bear in mind when choosing personalized chopsticks

Point 1: Look for custom chopsticks with engraving, not printing

custom chopsticks engraved

Chopsticks are usually personalized by one of two methods: using a special printer to print a custom message on the surface, or by engraving into the wood and then painting it in. However, there is a big difference between the two methods.

Custom chopsticks made with a printer have the advantage of being colorful and looking good, but the disadvantage is that the printed part peels off and disappears as the chopsticks are used.

On the other hand, designs on chopsticks that are engraved will not fade away even after repeated use.

If you want to give a gift of chopsticks that will be treasured for a long time, choose chopsticks that can be engraved with your name, either by hand or by laser engraving.

Point 2: Order early as delivery times are often long

Depending on the chopstick maker, it often takes one to two weeks for personalized chopsticks to be engraved. If you're planning to give personalized chopsticks as a gift, order them as soon as possible to allow plenty of time for engraving and for international shipping. If you're not sure whether there is enough time, it is safer to contact the shop selling them in advance before ordering.

Point 3: Choose chopsticks that suit the recipient's age and lifestyle.

custom wooden chopsticks

As with other tableware, choose chopsticks with features that make them easy for the recipient to use. For example, people who are busy washing dishes every day will be very happy with dishwasher-safe chopsticks. You can also choose chopsticks with a design that matches the person's tastes.

When giving personalized chopsticks for children as a gift, choose chopsticks that are appropriate for the child's age and size. Most people choose 18-centimeter chopsticks for children, which can be used from the time they start to use chopsticks in earnest until their early primary school years.

9 recommended custom chopsticks that are made in Japan

custom chopsticks from Japan

Personalized chopsticks recommended for couples

1. Brightly colored Wakasa lacquerware custom chopsticks—A perfect gift for a couple starting a new life together! 

couples bright custom chopsticks

These stylish lacquered chopsticks in bright colours—a rarity for Wakasa lacquered chopsticks—are the perfect gift for a couple moving in together. The pastel-colored chopstick rests are also stylish and match well with both Japanese and Western food, making them easy to use every day.

In addition to being stylish, they are also dishwasher-safe, perfect for a busy young couple with little time to spare for hand washing. Each chopstick is individually hand painted by a craftsman, and you can feel the warmth of the chopsticks as no two are exactly alike.


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2. Elegant and simple Wakasa lacquerware custom chopsticks

Elegant simple custom chopsticks

This elegantly designed set of couples chopsticks embodies simplicity and is the perfect celebratory gift for a relative who is getting married. The names can be personalized with golden letters suitable for a festive occasion. The included chopstick rests are made of Hasami-ware in subdued shades, and are also stylish.

The chopstick tips are non-slip and have a rough texture, making it easy to pick up food, even for people who are not very good at handling chopsticks.

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3. Custom Couple's chopsticks with traditional seigaiha pattern—a symbol of everlasting happiness

couples custom chopstick red and black

These Wajima lacquerware chopsticks with a carefully carved "seigaiha" wave pattern, a classic Japanese motif that represents eternal happiness and peace. They are the perfect choice for a couple that appreciates a gift with symbolism. The seigaiha pattern is all hand-carved, so if you compare the two chopsticks, you will see that each pattern is slightly different. Finding the differences between the two chopsticks is also an enjoyable part of the gift.

These custom chopsticks can be used every day with their classic coloring and casual design. The elegant paulownia wood box that they come in gives them a special touch.

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4. A gift for the fashionable couple! Unique heart-patterned lacquered custom chopsticks

couples heart custom chopsticks in box

These very stylish lacquered chopsticks with a golden heart pattern almost look like jewelry and are a good choice as a gift for two people who are always in style. The many colored hearts spread across the chopsticks accentuate the design and will never get old.

As they are reasonably priced compared with other couple's chopsticks, these are also suitable for people who cannot afford to spend as much on a celebratory gift. They are also suitable for people who want to give a small wedding gift but still want to something stylish.

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Personalized chopsticks recommended for parents and grandparents

1. Custom chopsticks with beautiful maki-e lacquerware—a useable work of art!

maki-e personalized chopsticks

These chopsticks, which feature a delicate maki-e design of Mount Fuji that is enchanting just to look at, are an ideal gift for celebrations such as milestone anniversaries. Each pair of chopsticks is hand-painted by a craftsman, and the maki-e lacquer-work shows the beauty of Japan.

The beautiful design looks great for everyday meals as well as special occasions such as celebrations. There are two types of chopsticks - black chopsticks for men and vermilion-red, slightly shorter length chopsticks for women - so they can be given to anyone.

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2. Sophisticated yet cute couple's custom chopsticks with a wave and plover motif

plover custom chopsticks in box

These couple's chopsticks, with a stylish wave and plover motif near the top of the glossy lacquered chopsticks, are an excellent gift to give to your parents. The plover overcoming the waves represents parents who have worked hard together.

Why not give your parents these couple's chopsticks with their names engraved on them as a gift, with the hope that they will continue to get on well with each other and live happily for many years to come? Your parents will be delighted by your heartfelt wish for their happiness.

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3. Couple's custom chopsticks for stylish parents who like modern design

starry sky custom chopsticks set

These crystal black and vermilion red-colored chopsticks are a great gift for stylish parents who like modern design. These chopsticks have a unique design that has never been seen before in Wakasa lacquerware, with a pattern that evokes the night sky painted with shell powder and hand-applied colored lacquer patterns.

Every time you use it, you can enjoy the sparkling of the shell powder as the chopsticks move, making mealtimes more enjoyable. Another distinguishing feature is that they are dishwasher-safe, making them convenient to use on a daily basis.

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4. Lacquered chopsticks with a plum tree motif that heralds spring—the perfect gift for Grandma! 

plum blossoms custom chopsticks

Plum trees, which bloom at the end of a cold winter and herald the beginning of spring, are said to be a lucky motif representing good health. These stylish chopsticks with plum blossoms, which bloom cheerfully even in the cold, are a great gift for your favorite grandmother, who you want to live forever.

When you put the chopsticks together, you will see a design of two plum blossoms on one branch. Every time grandma looks at the chopsticks with the plum blossoms and her engraved name on them, she'll be reminded of your sincerity.

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Personalized chopsticks recommended for children

1. Cute chopsticks with zodiac animals on them.

zodiac animals kids custom chopsticks

These cute child-sized chopsticks with zodiac animals on the shaft are a great gift for celebrating growth milestones, such as starting school or learning to use real chopsticks. The cute zodiac animals will gently watch over your child's meals every day.

All twelve animal designs are available for all twelve signs of the zodiac. Each design is available in red and blue versions, and you can choose chopsticks with the animal of your child's zodiac sign on them.

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Custom chopsticks are a great gift option that is fun and personal

Chopsticks are gaining in use worldwide, and more and more people keep a set handy. Why not give a very special custom chopstick set as a gift that can be enjoyed daily.

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