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  1. UTSUÀ

    Please use it as if you were drawing a picture on a pure white campus. Modern and stylish.

  2. OKURA ART CHINA | Porcelain

    Our founding philosophy of "Best of the best" lives on. We are proud to offer you high quality Western tableware that represents Japan.

  3. Osaka Suzuki

    Tin adsorbs impurities in water and liquor, mellowing the taste. Make your drink delicious.

  4. Okeya Kondo

    A simple and useful product made by a craftsman who studied under a Japanese living national treasure.


    A rare plate made from Nishijin Textiles. It shines brilliantly when exposed to light.

  6. Glass Studio Izumo

    A glass studio where each couple has a different charm. Their works have a completely different impression.


    Not only to protect the tradition, but also to provide values that are also suited to our current modern lifestyle.

  8. CRYSTAL|WAKASA Nuri (Lacquerware)

    A series of chopsticks left behind by a Wakasa-nuri craftsman who devoted himself to making chopsticks without eating or sleeping.

  9. K+

    Create unprecedented innovative ceramic products and send them to the world. Innovative wind chimes and bowls.

  10. Kobayashi Buddhist Altar

    I have developed a cup that combines the beauty of wood grain with the metallic brilliance of lacquer.

  11. Satuma Vidro

    Resurrected Satsuma Kiriko, which once disappeared in the war. An original product with a new modern essence.


    It gently envelops you at the end of the day. The beautiful form of this dish makes it look like a painting.

  13. 18 ZEN | Lacquer chopsticks in Wajima
    18 ZEN

    We have been making lacquer chopsticks for over 70 years since our founding. We are meeting the needs of the times for safe and reliable products.

  14. Soekyu-seitosyo

    The couple are working together to create a blue color using the traditional pigment GOSU(呉須).

  15. Dainichi

    A contrast of bright blue and orange. When the two intersect, they show a mysterious calmness and depth.

  16. Naoto Tsuneki

    By reducing the amount of smoke in the kiln, a strong orange color is achieved. No two have the same color.

  17. Touan

    A beautiful pattern will appear that looks like a flower blooming and will delight your eyes.

  18. Tomi Glass

    A cool plate made by faithfully following the manufacturing method from the Edo period.

  19. 2016/

    400th anniversary of the birth of Arita porcelain. Designers from all over the world gathered to create it.

  20. Nousaku

    Leading the Japanese craft industry. Industrial tourism business that conveys the "heart".


    A top runner in the traditional craft industry that is unrivaled in terms of novelty and modernity.

  22. 87.5

    Colorful lacquer ware will give you a little happiness in your daily life.Please use it for a long time.


    We used only domestically produced natural materials because it is something that you can pick up and eat.

  24. HASHIMOTO KOUSAKU SIKKI | Wajima Lacquer

    Wajima urushi chopsticks are made of Japanese wood with antibacterial properties and natural lacquer. Highly durable and gentle to the touch.

  25. HIRADOSHOUZAN | Mikawachi ware

    The pictures we draw on white porcelain ware are filled with wishes for prosperity and development, making them ideal for congratulatory gifts.

  26. YAMATSU | MIno ware

    Challenge in the 150th year of business. We will continue to make tea utensils that match our daily life and protect the life with tea.

  27. Koichi Fujioka

    For 10 years, I continued to make pottery alone, and finally arrived at this work.

  28. ADERIA

    Please enjoy the Tsugaru Vidro, which expresses the four seasons of Japan.

  29. Maruso

    Believing in the new possibilities of roof tiles, we are taking on the challenge of developing new products.

  30. Marubun

    Arita porcelain 400th anniversary brand "ZOA". The traditional pattern is arranged in pop.


    Emotions and surprises. Cherry blossoms and fireworks emerge beautifully in ceramics.

  32. Yakimono World
    Yakimono World

    A number of kilns are set up at "Yakimono World," one of the largest pottery markets in Japan.

  33. Yamamoto

    There are only two lacquer ware shops left in Japan. Mysterious lacquerware that develops vivid colors.

  34. Yamasho Touki|Shigaraki ware
    Yamasho Touki

    Shigaraki ware is famous for its tanuki figurines, which are known as good luck charms. Cute, small, colorful tanuki, tableware, and ion blending bottles are also popular!

  35. Tokyo Glass Studio RINZEN | Kiriko (Cut Glass)
    Tokyo Glass Studio RINZEN

    Going beyond Edo Kiriko. An up-and-coming brand that pursues the brilliance of transcendent glass. Experience the amazing brilliance.

  36. Wajimanuri Studio RAKU

    A workshop for two generations of parents and children. Everyone wants to get it once in their lives.


  1. Ittosai-Kotetsu

    Great knives from all over Japan. The best kitchen knives are carefully selected and delivered to you.

  2. SC&SC

    The world's first charcoal pot used by a Michelin one-star chef. Far-infrared effect and thermal conductivity.

  3. Iwai Hamono

    "Imagine the user thoroughly". As you continue to use it, it grows into only one kitchen knife in the world.


    The founder of "Fukui 7 Crafts Samurai" and a producer who is trying to revive the local industry.

  5. JIU10

    They also work as plates, providing multiple usages to liberate your potential in the kitchen.

  6. Yamawaki Cutlery

    We are particular about the beauty of the appearance and the patterning. Life tools that support "food".


    Echizen Forged Blades with a history of 700 years. Traditional forging and hand sharpening techniques.



    There are few manufacturers in Japan that can make tatami products using precious Japanese rush.

  2. OHASHI|Masu (square wooden cup)

    The Japanese Masu has been used since 1300 years ago. This new product was created because of the knowledge of Masu and wood.

  3. Ominato Bunkichi Shoten

    Founded over 100 years ago. Manufactures excellent interior products that can be used daily.

  4. Onigawara Iemori

    Developed the world's first onigawara that can be used indoors as an interior.

  5. Kaitakudo Art

    A simple and modern hanging scroll that can be displayed as art or interior.


    We are the oldest hand-made “Onigawara”, gargoyle roof tile, manufacturer in this country.

  7. Kakinuma Dolls

    I dream of a day when people all over the world use the word "KIMEKOMI" as a matter of course.

  8. KataKoto

    We have newly designed cute beckoning cats and figurines that are modern and warm.

  9. KIRIKEN Masayo

    Overturn the common sense of paper-cutting. A three-dimensional and powerful work.


    A fun and healing item created by the craftsmanship of Tsubamesanjo. The best relaxing time.


    Operates the only Raden specialty store in Kyoto. It is a collaboration work of designers in Paris.

  12. Tadayasu

    This is a completely new Japanese style, created by a challenger who takes on the challenge of a new realm.

  13. Konohazuku

    Tableware made of metal has been used for many years and can be wiped with a cloth to change its color.


    A paulownia box for storing "important things = important thoughts" by the best craftsman group in Japan.

  15. Mataro Doll | Edo Art Dolls
    Mataro Doll

    Japanese dolls that bring good luck. There are also production kits that allow you to make your own. How about making one with your children?

Miscellaneous goods

  1. Asakura Senpu

    Take a look at the furoshiki, which has the most advanced superhydrophobic treatment and is also functional.

  2. i-tsu-tsu

    We continue to renew the image of shogi into something that is more familiar and warm to children.


    A makeup brush with a "melting feel". Studying both Japanese and European hair techniques.

  4. Unkindo Fukatsu Folding Fan Store

    A traditional technique that has been passed down for over 150 years since the late Edo period.

  5. EMPEX

    A group of craftsmen with the world's highest technology who can manufacture the only barometer in Japan.

  6. Ooiri

    A photo book that will not fade for 100 years, using techniques that have lasted for over 1000 years.


    I want to enrich the lives of modern people through fans. Please enjoy the Japanese fragrance.

  8. OZEKI

    Chochin letters are made by a long-established chochin manufacturer to connect people with each other. It is a gift that conveys gratitude.

  9. Onifuku Works

    The theme is "tradition x humor". A crazy tissue case that "laughs and makes you happy".

  10. sunny u | Oboro Towel
    sunny u

    Gentle towels and baby goods that can be used safely and securely by newborn babies. Soft and fluffy to the touch.

  11. sara-la

    Uses ultra-long cotton, which is only 5% of the world's rare Greek cotton. Supple and fluffy to the touch.

  12. SUEHIRODO | Nagoya folding fan
    J.Flavor * SUEHIRODO

    A fan that is finished by hand by professionals in each process. This gem of craftsmanship is also recommended as interior decoration!

  13. Some no Shiki

    Passing on the art of Kaga Yuzen, which has continued for 500 years, to the future.


    Please enjoy the new shape of "beads" that you can wear with your precious pet.

  15. Nakamura Candle

    Each candle is handmade in Kyoto and painted. Ideal as a Japanese gift or interior.

  16. Nanjo Kobo

    The world's only tone will change your life for the better. A good sound changes your life.

  17. Baba Water Mill | Incense Stick
    Baba Water Mill

    Baba Water Mill's cedar incense sticks are made from 100% natural cedar leaves. No chemicals are added, so you can use them with peace of mind.

  18. Maehara Koei Shoten

    Umbrellas are the crystallization of craftsmanship. Enjoy a fashionable umbrella.

  19. Maruni

    Karakami paper was introduced to Japan from China in the Heian period. A new product that transcends time.

  20. Morimoto Knife Manufacture

    Our products are the ultimate craftswork combining multiple of traditional skills developed in Osaka.

  21. Morphosphere

    I want more people to know about the beauty of color of Kyoto Yuzen. An encounter with an item of a lifetime.

  22. Washino Print

    Parasols dyed with traditional hand-printing techniques moderately block the hot summer sunshine.

  23. Reela

    Researched "ease of wearing" for over 50 years. Amazingly easy to wear and light luxury slippers.

  24. yuibito

    Why don't you give a surprise and excitement as a gift with Japanese-style wrapping wrapped by craftsmen?

  25. Yoake

    You can't make a washcloth with the exact same aperture. That's why it's interesting.

  26. Higashiyama Enterprise Association

    This is a traditional Kyoto fan that is in tune with a modern lifestyle. Pursuing beauty and good looks.


  1. Aya Irodori

    It is very colorful and makes you feel very bright when you wear it. Please find your favorite "Shibori".

  2. e TSUMAMI | Japanese fabric flower-making

    This is a casual and simple accessory from KANZASHI FLOWER. As a small accent to your daily coordination, they will add color to your heart.


    Owari Cloisonne seeks the ultimate beauty over time and effort. A crystal of the craftsman's feelings.


    Inden, made of deer skin and lacquer, has long been a favorite item of the Japanese samurai. We incorporate good luck charms into our designs.

  5. kiki

    A Buddhist altar sculpture craftsman with the skills to create imperial gifts launched the brand.

  6. Indigo Kesennuma

    Indigo-dyed products that are gentle on children's skin from that perspective because they are mothers.


    A fusion of Kimono and street fashion. We propose a completely new kimono style.

  8. OKANO

    Each one is handmade and carefully made. The elegant luster of 100% silk makes you shine.

  9. Kyo Kiwami

    The meaning of Japanese pattern is "world peace". A bag that goes well with both clothes and kimono.

  10. KUSKA

    A fusion of tradition, fashion, and art. Hand-woven neckties with a heavy texture and beautiful luster.

  11. tokoba

    A Japanese-style Edo Glass accessory that makes you look vivid with the brilliance of glass.


    Pianist Sergio Bayetta, who is active all over the world, wears it on stage and becomes a hot topic.

  13. NEKADO|NISHIJIN Ori (Textiles)

    Using the best silk fabric, Japan's "Nishijin Weaving", we hand-sew pleated ties, which are rare in the world. Individuality shines through.

  14. NOYORI

    Owari Buddhist altar craftsmen make accessories and interiors. Challenge to a completely new genre.

  15. Hana Tsubomi

    A brand launched with the desire to "expand the possibilities of kimono.".


    The ultimate leather work made with the skills of carefully selected domestic craftsmen.

  17. Hineno Katsujiro Syoten

    Manufactures Apple Watch belts and antibacterial masks using fabrics made by Yuzen craftsmen in Kyoto.

  18. Foo Tokyo

    Made in Japan's high-quality room wear, the best relaxing time. Make your home time rich.

  19. Fuji-Sakura Works

    Thread dyed using the pure spring water of Mt. Fuji. Stoles and ties woven with the precious thread.

  20. Matsuda Dyeing Works

    Only one workshop left in Tottori, established 300 years ago. A dye store that carries on the tradition.

  21. Mikamo Sanroku works | Tie Dyeing

    Learn the art from a living national treasure craftsman.Use three different types of dyeing techniques.

  22. Miutt|Inkjet Print

    The brand is characterized by its pop and fun worldview, as if the world you used to fantasize about as a child has popped up.

  23. Metal Butterfly

    A bow tie made of aluminum, which is rare in the world. An item that colors the best moments of your life.


    "Kana" has been passed down for over 1,000 years. "Acquire a beautiful culture"


    A tie made at a domestic factory using domestic silk luxuriously. It makes men attractive.

  26. CHECOS

    Jewelery made from silver and brass using metal engraving and silver wire work techniques.

  27. Yahiro-works

    Kanzashi that goes well with Kimono, clothes and dresses. Japanese hair ornaments for a gorgeous party.


    We work with traditional craftsmen in Kyoto to create products that are just right for today's lifestyle.



    Kyoto, the city of elegance, knows the old and creates the new. Yatsuhashi Jam is a new kind of deliciousness.

  2. Suzuya Masamichi

    The taste of good old Kyoto. Don't miss the dorayaki made with the best ingredients and methods.

  3. NITO JOZO | White Soy Sauce

    White soy sauce accounts for only 1% of all soy sauce produced. Among them, "Shiro Tamari" is a soy sauce produced only by Nitto Brewery.

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