Have you ever considered using genuine made-in-Japan tableware in your restaurant?

Recently, Japanese food has become popular across the world. However, we feel that genuine Japanese tableware hasn’t followed the same trend.

Many BECOS staff members who live abroad have visited Japanese restaurants near their homes. While the food was delicious and authentic, the tableware, chopsticks, clothing, and restaurant interiors often lacked that same genuinity and appeal.

At BECOS, we sell tableware, interior decorations, kimono, and all sorts of other crafts that were lovingly, painstakingly made by expert craftspeople in Japan. Each item has its own story that’s equally as fascinating as the products themselves.

When serving food at a restaurant, these masterpieces convey various elements of Japan, heightening the whole dining experience.

In order to show off the appeal of genuine made-in-Japan tableware and crafts to the world, we at BECOS offer the following to those in the restaurant and catering industries:

1. Special Prices

Restaurant owners will be able to purchase our products at a special price.

2. Referral Program

If you use our products at your restaurant and your customers are interested in purchasing any of them, show them a QR code linking to our website. If a customer purchases a product through the QR code, you’ll receive a referral commission.

3. Advertisement on tsunagu Japan

We’ll introduce your establishment on our website, tsunagu Japan, which receives 4.4 million page views per month. Our readers generally hold a deep love for Japan, so we expect them to be interested in visiting your establishment, too.

If you are interested in working with us, please submit the form below and we will get back to you within a few business days