8 Recommended Sake Gift Sets from Japan

 Sake on its own is delicious, but there is no doubt that drinking sake out of a hand-crafted sake set from Japan makes it even more delicious. If you're searching for the perfect gift for a sake lover, look no further than the sake gift sets in this article. The sets introduced are all quality pieces made in Japan, introduced in three price tiers based on your budget. 

Recommended Sake Gift Sets Under $100

Gosu Hana Arita Ware Sake Gift Set

Gosu hana sake gift set

This porcelain sake set is an original twist on the blue and white color scheme of classic sake sets. Made by an old kiln in Arita, Saga prefecture, which is the epicenter of porcelain making in Japan, this set comes with one tokkuri pitcher and two ochoko sake cups in the blue shade of your choice (you can pick from 5 different shades). Despite its handmade quality, the sake set is quite affordable and comes in a lovely box that makes it a great gift. Add one of BECOS's exquisite Japanese-style gift wrappings to your order and give it as a charming sake gift set to a sake lover in your life.

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Kyoto-Kiyomizu Ware Flower Crystal Glaze Sake Gift Set

sake gift set touan kyoto


This unique sake set is made by a kiln in Kyoto called Touan that produces porcelain with very interesting glaze. It is part of the kiln's "hana kessho" (flower crystal) series that features flower petal-like designs formed during firing. No two designs are alike, so the set you give as a gift will be extra unique and special. The sake gift set comes with a tokkuri pitcher and two ochoko sake cups. 

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Hand-Blown Glass Sake Gift Set from Kyoto

sun glass sake gift set


This lovely glass sake set is made by a small glass-blowing studio in Kyoto called Sun Glass Studio. Each piece is blown by hand, so you can enjoy air bubbles and other small imperfections that give the set charm and warmth that just can't be found in mass-produced sake sets. Despite being hand-blown and very unique, this sake gift set is quite affordable and would make the perfect gift for someone with a unique personality. It comes with a tokkuri pitcher and two guinomi sake cups.

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Tweeting Bird Edo-Period Sake Gift Set

marumo takagi sake gift set

This cute sake gift set not only looks great, but can do a very unique trick. When the bottle is tipped over to pour a drink, the ceramic bird affixed to the top makes a tweeting sound! The small ochoko sake cups too, have whistle-like tubes on the side that likewise chirp as you take a drink. It seems like a new-fangled idea, but this is actually an old technique that has been pleasing sake drinkers since the Edo period. Give this sake gift set to someone who has a playful sense of humor.

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Recommended Mid-Range Sake Gift Sets

Tin and Gold Leaf Sake Gift Set

nosaku sake gift set tin

This stately sake gift set is made of tin, casted and poured by a 100+ year-old maker from Toyama Prefecture called Nosaku. Tin is said to be an excellent material for sake, as its chemical properties have the effect of mellowing the flavor of the drink. The sake set comes with an open-top katakuchi pitcher and two guinomi sake cups and is presented in a high-end paulownia box. It would make an outstanding gift to any sake lover.

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Yakumo Lacquerware Sake Gift Set

yakumo lacquerware sake gift set

Lacquerware is one of the traditional crafts of Yakumo in Shimane Prefecture where Yamamoto, the maker of this refined sake gift set, is located. Made from wood coated in many layers of natural red and black lacquer to form a beautiful sheen, this sake set comes with a katakuchi pitcher and two guinomi sake cups. The cups are neither too light nor too heavy, and feel just right when you hold them in your hand. The lacquer is natural but tough and can be used for either cold or hot sake. Choose this sake gift set for someone who appreciates traditional Japanese techniques.

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Naniwa Pewter Engravable Sake Gift Set 

naniwa pewter sake gift set

This pewter sake set is made by a company from Osaka called Osaka Suzuki, which has been producing outstanding pewter items since the 1940s. This sake set includes a sleek and polished chirori sake bottle and two guinomi sake cups. It is great for cold or hot sake, and will help to improve the flavor thanks to the chemical properties of the metal. Another point that makes this sake set attractive as a gift is that it can be engraved with the recipient's name or other short message (for a small fee). Choose this sake gift set for someone who appreciates sophistication.

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Recommended Luxury Sake Gift Set

Satsuma Kiriko Luxury Sake Gift Set

satsuma kiriko sake gift set

For a truly unforgettable gift to a sake lover in your life, treat them to this masterpiece of Satsuma kiriko, made by Satuma Vidro in Kagoshima. The workshop is one of the rare few in all of Japan that do every step of the production in-house, from the blowing and coloring of the crystal glass to the cutting and finishing. The results are stunning works like this sake set featuring a tokkuri pitcher and two guinomi sake cups. The set is a functional piece of art that your recipient will want to proudly display. 

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Make A Special Sake Gift Set More Special With Japanese Wrapping

sake set gift wrapping

If you are sending one of these fine Japanese-made sake sets to someone special, be sure to take the extra step to add exquisite Japanese-style wrapping and a personalized message to your order. BECOS prides itself as one of the best places to purchase unique and high quality Japanese gifts, and our wrapping service definitely sets us apart. Choose from a variety of wrapping styles and let our wrapping specialist carefully decorate your gift to make it look perfect.


Didn't see the perfect sake gift set above? We have many more sake gift set options on our sake gift sets collection page. Be sure to take a look.

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