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This article will introduce high-quality, sturdy Japanese tea sets that are perfect for tea time or home parties, and also make stylish tableware. Each set offers a beautiful mix of modern design and Japanese aesthetics. We have scored sets you can buy online based on price, quality, design, and ease of use to aid you in your shopping journey.

What Is Needed for a Japanese Tea Set?

・Tea utensils are needed for green tea

Japanese households often consume a variety of beverages, including green tea, coffee, black tea, and oolong tea. However, green tea is the drink best suited to Japanese cuisine and “wagashi” (traditional Japanese sweets). The following two items are commonly needed to brew green tea:

・Yunomi - A cup specifically meant for green tea. It does not have handles.

・Kyusu - A teapot.

・How to Brew Green Tea

Once you have your yunomi, kyusu, and tea leaves, you can brew your tea following these steps:

・Add your tea leaves to the kyusu (per person: 2 grams for 60 mL)

・Add 70-80℃ (158-176°F) hot water

・Cover the kyusu with the lid and wait about 1 minute for the leaves to loosen, then pour into the yunomi

The tea won’t taste good if the water is too hot, so make sure that you let the water cool a bit before using it.

Why not try making Japanese green tea using tea leaves purchased through Amazon? Here’s one option.

Green Tea leaves Sencha, JAS Certified Organic,Japanese Uji-Kyoto, 80g Bag 【CHAGANJU】

Source: Amazon.com

There are several tea production areas in Japan, including Uji in Kyoto, where this tea is from. Uji is known for producing high-quality tea leaves, and this “sencha” (a type of green tea that is grown in the sun, then steamed and softened, and finally dried) is also organically grown, making it well worth its price.

Item Form: Loose Leaves
Brand: Chaganju
Tea Variety: Sencha
Flavor: Green tea
Caffeine Content: Low Caffeine

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1. Evening Cup Angle (Large) | Pottery and Porcelain

Source: BECOS

Score: ★★★★★

This yunomi is crafted by ceramic artist Koichi Fujioka as part of his “yubae” (sunset glow) series. The finish is a bright red, but as the surface is matte, it looks more subdued. Koichi Fujioka’s pieces are only available at BECOS, and those who know the true value of this piece will be shocked at the reasonable price tag.

Size: Φ2.76" * H3.54" (Φ7.0 cm * H9.0 cm)
Material: Porcelain
Brand: Koichi Fujioka (Pottery and Porcelain)

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2. Five-Colored Flower Crystal Tea Bowl (5-Piece Set) | Kyoto-Kiyomizu Wares

Source: BECOS

Score: ★★★★★

This is a 5-piece yunomi set made from Kyoto’s Kyo-Kiyomizu ware. The flower crystal pattern is created by melting and then hardening the glaze. It is quite reasonably priced considering it is a set of 5 cups.

Size: Φ3.54" * H2.76" (Φ9.0 cm * H7.0 cm)
Material: Porcelain
Brand: Touan (Kyo-Kiyomizu Ware)

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3. Hibiki Heisai Yunomi (2-Piece Set) | Kyoto-Kiyomizu Wares

Source: BECOS

Score: ★★★★☆

This set of small and large yunomi are also made from Kyo-Kiyomizu ware. The natural glaze used on the cups is made with ash from sunflowers that the artist grew himself, as well as a mixture of grape and fig ash. It is quite reasonably priced.

Size: L Φ3.15" * H3.54" (Φ8.0 cm * H9.0 cm), M Φ2.76" * H3.15" (Φ7.0 cm * H8.0 cm)
Material: Pottery
Brand: Dainichi (Kyoto-Kiyomizu Ware)

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4. Japan Blue Aoi Tori (Japanese Paper Dyeing) Kyusu | Karatsu Wares

Source: BECOS

Score: ★★★★★

This kyusu is made with Karatsu ware, a traditional ceramic craft from Saga Prefecture in Kyushu, Japan’s second-largest island. It is known for its various types of decorations and glazes, with this kyusu displaying a vibrant blue. An adorable blue bird, also considered a symbol of good luck, is painted on the sides that do not have a handle or spout. This shape makes the kyusu easy to hold and pour with, and that along with its stylish design makes its price seem extremely reasonable.

Size: W6.10" * H4.72" (15.5 cm * H12.0 cm)
Material: Pottery
Brand: Kouun Kiln (Karatsu Ware)

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5. 2016/ Studio Wieki Somers Teapot (Spray) | Imari-Arita Wares

Source: BECOS

Score: ★★★★★

This teapot was designed by Dutch design team StudioWieki Somers, merging traditional Imari-Arita ware techniques from Saga Prefecture with innovative design. It has a modern stainless-steel handle and a lid with a lapis lazuli gradation effect, and is made out of classic Imari-Arita ware white porcelain. This price is almost cheap considering the stylish design and masterful techniques used to make it.

Size: φ6.3" W7.09" H7.09" (φ16.0 cm * W18.0 cm * H18.0 cm)
Material: Porcelain
Brand: 2016/ Studied Wieki Somers (Imari-Arita Ware)

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