10 Popular Top-Quality Bags From Japan

Picking the right bag is an absolute must if you want to perfectly coordinate your outfit! Not only does it act as a key accessory, but you'll no doubt be using it for a long time, so it only makes sense to pick a bag that you like and that's high quality. So, let us introduce you to our top picks! These Japanese bags are not only incredibly chic, upping your fashion game, but they're quality pieces made with traditional Japanese techniques. To make choosing even easier, we've scored them all using factors such as design, materials, etc.

1. Water-Repellent Nishijin Silk Clasp Bag

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This shoulder purse has a clasp closure and is made of Nishijin textile, a traditional fabric from Kyoto that was traditionally used for garments such as kimono. The maker Atelier Kyoto Nishijin has created this stylish bag as part of a series of items that allows people to enjoy the traditional fabric in everyday life.

The bag has a detachable strap and is very stylish when used as a clutch or shoulder purse. It has a small profile, but can hold a decent amount, making it quite versatile.

Size: 128 cm x 10 cm x 22 cm ; 240 g
Material: Nishijin silk

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2. Cosmos Patterned Koshu Inden Backpack

cosmos best bags from Japan

This is a stylish 3-way backpack with a detachable shoulder strap that can also be used as a handbag. It is made from high-grade deerskin leather covered with natural lacquer. This type of leatherwork is called "Koshu Inden" in Japanese and is a traditional Japanese craft from Yamanashi Prefecture.

The attention to detail and quality of the leatherwork is outstanding and the unique and traditional design is something you won't find outside of Japan. Cosmos flowers are the autumn equivalent of cherry blossoms in spring, and the pattern is cute while also being elegant.

Size: H25 cm x W22 cm x D10 cm

Color: Black
Material: Deerskin leather, lacquer

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3. Azamiya Woven Yaeyama Minsah Shoulder Bag


One of the traditional textiles from Okinawa, Yaeyama Minsah features simple, charming patterns and distinctive bright colors reminiscent of the sea and island scenery of Okinawa. This bag has a perfect size for carrying everything you need without being bulky, and features many pockets and zippers inside so that you can easily separate and access things when you want them. Plus, it's handmade in Okinawa yet is quite reasonable, which is why we love it.

Size: H26 cm x W24 cm x D8 cm
Color: Blue/Beige/Grey
Material: Yaeyama Minsah woven fabric
Brand: Azamiya

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4. Morning Glory Koshu Inden Tote Bag

best Japanese bag tote

Another bag made of "Koshu Inden" Japanese lacquer deerskin leather, this wonderful tote bag features an intricate pattern depicting morning glory flowers. These flowers are a popular pattern in Japan for good luck because they are resistant to heat and bloom beautifully every year.

This small and sturdy tote bag has simple design with a magnetic closure that makes it easy to put things in and out. It is built to last and will definitely help you stand out from the crowd with its unique appearance. 

Size: H18.3 cm x W27.5 cm x D8 cm
Color: Black x red
Material: Deerskin leather, lacquer

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5. RE:NISTA Nishijin Textiles 2-Way Shoulder Bag / Clutch

Made in Kyoto for more than 500 years, Nishijin-ori is a textile known for its intricate designs made from threads that are dyed prior to being woven. This lovely shoulder bag has a slim design and can also be used as a clutch by removing the strap. It is also fully washable, making it very easy to care for.

Size: H24 cm x W17 cm
Color: Mint/Beige/White
Material: Cotton, Polyester, Rayon

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6. High End Cloisonne Koshu Inden Bag

cloissone best japanese bag

For those seeking a high-end travel bag worthy of a successful CEO, this outstanding bag from Inden-ya can't be beaten. The bag has a traditional Boston bag shape with a large mouth for easy access and a subtle yet luxurious finish in the deerskin leather exterior.

The subtle pattern is a "shippou" pattern, which represents seven treasures, including gold and silver, and was traditionally drawn in Japan to wish for happiness and good fortune, as the circles overlap and spread out.

The bag has a key on the zipper and is perfect for a trip of about two nights.

Size: 13cm H27.5 cm x W45 cm x D23 cm
Color: Black 
Material: Deerskin leather, lacquer

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7. VEDUTA Leather Street Sachet

japanese bag veduta

Japanese street fashion is popular around the world thanks to many famous brands such as NEIGHBORHOOD and BAPE. One of the newer street brands that has gained recognition for it's high-end and handmade products is VEDUTA, the maker of this stylish4-way bag made from local Himeji Leather. The bags are hand-sewn after an order is placed, so it takes about a month for the product to ship after ordering, but the quality and originality are unbeatable.

The bag can be used four ways: on the shoulder, as a waist pouch, as a clutch, or slung on the back as a messenger bag. It definitely makes a statement and is a cool accessory to pair with street fashion.


Size: W21 cm × H16 cm 
Color: Black
Material: Himeji leather

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8. Hichigara Sling Bag

best Japanese bag sling

This versatile sling bag can be worn on the back or front, and is perfect for when you have just a few small things to bring with you. the main compartment has a double zipper for easy access and there are a full range of pockets as well.

The outer fabric is hand-woven Yaeyama Minsah, a traditional textile from Okinawa that has been made for about 400 years. The threads are dyed with motifs of Okinawa's nature and carefully woven by skilled craftspeople who keep the tradition alive by incorporating it into modern items like this.

Size: W18 cm x H30 cm x D7 cm
Color: Brown/black
Material: Hand-woven cotton/canvas, polyester

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9. Kyoto Nishijin Weave Bag By Kyo Kiwami

This bag is made from Nishijin weave, a beautiful and traditional dyed silk from Nishijin, Kyoto. It comes in very simple colors, but stands out thanks to its unique Japanese pattern. It comes in several other designs, so if this bag sounds interesting to you, be sure to check out the other designs, too.

Size: H7.48" x W10.23" x D5.11" (H19.0 cm x W26.0 cm x D13.0 cm)
Material: Nishijin weave (silk), polyester, water repellent finish
Brand: Kyo Kiwami (Nishijin Textiles)

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10. Tsutsugaki Hand-Dyed Cotton Bag

This bag is a piece from Matsuda Dyeing Store, which was established in 1702. It's completely handmade using traditional Japanese techniques. The cute, poppy design will definitely help you stand out. The giant sea bream painted on it is said to bring luck, making the bag a great present. It can be folded up, making it incredibly useful when you're in a hurry, such as when you have to make a sudden trip to the grocery store.

Size: W19.69" * D9.84" (W50.0 cm * D25.0 cm, Handle 18.0 cm)
Brand: Matsuda Dyeing Store (Tsutsugaki Dyeing)

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