Recommended Cold Sake Sets Made in Japan

Are you looking for a quality cold sake set handmade by a seasoned artisan in Japan? If so, you've come to the right place. This article will introduce 5 of our favorite cold sake cup sets that are made here in Japan by skilled shokunin.

BECOS Top 5 Recommended Cold Sake Sets

Gosu Hana 3-Piece Arita-Ware Sake Cup Set


cold sake set gosu hana

The town of Arita in Saga Prefecture is the birthplace of Japanese porcelain, and the area remains one of the most important producers of porcelain to this day. This beautiful sake set by Arita porcelain workshop Soekyu-seitosyo features beautiful flowerlike blue patterns that are an original take on a the classic blue and white sake design. You can choose from between 5 different shades of blue when you purchase the set, ranging from a feint blush to a deep indigo.

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Crsytal Edo Kiriko Cold Sake Set

crystal cold sake set

Crystal is one of the most luxurious materials used for cold sake sets, and this exquisite set by Kagami Crystal—one of the most famous makers of Edo Kiriko (faceted glass) in the world—is as beautiful as they come. Decorated with an auspicious pattern of intricately cut "kikutsunagi" (connected chrysanthemum), this crystal cold sake set would make an outstanding gift that will bring a smile to someone's face each time they use it.

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Hand Blown Glass Cold Sake Set from Kyoto

kyoto cold sake set blown glass

This simple yet elegant cold sake set is hand blown by a glass artist in Kyoto. Each set has slight variations in appearance due to the handmade nature, and you will never get tired of looking at it from different angles. Despite being so unique, the sake set is quite affordable, coming in at less than 100 dollars, which makes it particularly appealing for those seeking an original set on a budget.

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Refined Wooden Sake Cup Set

tin cold sake set

One of the more popular sake sets on BECOS is this beautiful tin sake set made by Nousaku, from Toyama Prefecture. Tin has the natural property of purifying and eliminating off tastes in the drink, which makes it suitable for serving a wide range of sake. This sake set comes with a wide-mouth "katakuchi" pitcher that makes from easy pouring from the sake bottle to the pitcher, and the two cups each feature a distinct color, giving the set even more character. 

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Luxury Aging Wooden Sake Set

colored glass cold sake set

This glass cold sake set is made by Glass Studio Izumo, a glass workshop in Izumo on the Sea of Japan. The studio specializes in creating uniquely-colored glass that can't be found elsewhere. This set features pitch black glass inside that fades into ocean-like shades of blue with specks of silver. If serving cold sake to guests, this set is a sure way to impress.

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What Kind of Sake Tastes Good Served Cold?

sake good for cold sake set

Unlike other alcohols such as beer or wine, sake is commonly consumed both cold and hot. Different temperatures draw our different flavors in a particular sake, so it makes sense that some sakes are more suited to being served hot, while others are more suited to being served cold.

While there are no hard and fast rules about what temperature to serve sake, it is generally acknowledged that ginjo and daiginjo sake taste best when served cold. These sake are brewed over longer periods and at colder temperatures than other sakes, creating delicate, fruity flavors that are exceptionally refreshing when enjoyed cold.

These also happen to be the most expensive sake in a brewery's lineup, as they are made with rice grains that have been polished to less than half of their original size and take more time and care to make. However, there's nothing better than enjoying a fine daiginjo sake out of a beautiful cold sake set on a hot day.

What Makes a Good Cold Sake Set?

what makes a good cold sake set

The quality of the materials used to craft a cold sake set are what make the most difference. There are many cold sake sets sold online that are made from cheap, mass-produced materials in countries outside of Japan where labor is inexpensive. These sake sets might look ok in photos, but the poor quality of the sake set becomes apparent once you see it in person, be it the poor finish of the pottery glaze, sloppily painted lines, or cheap-looking patterns that have been glued on. 

For a truly high quality cold sake set, choose an item that is made in Japan by dedicated craftspeople who pay attention to the fine details and only deliver their best work to customers. All of the cold sake sets on BECOS meet these standards, and we know that you will appreciate the difference that our high quality sake sets make.

What Materials are Used for Cold Sake Sets?

 glass cold sake set

Cold sake sets can be made from a variety of materials, the most popular being ceramic, glass, lacquerware, and metal. Each material has its own charm, be it the flavor-mellowing property of tin sake sets, the fresh aroma of wooden sake sets, or the refined appearance of glass sake sets. We recommend you choose a cold sake set based on your on individual preferences.  

Enjoy Japanese Sake Even More With A Made-In-Japan Cold Sake Set from BECOS!

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