【NEW ARRIVAL】e-Tsumami|Japanese fabric flower-making

e-Tsumami" is a brand that creates accessories based on the Tsumamizaiku cloath flower motif.

Tsumamizaiku is a traditional craft that has been around since the Edo period (1603-1868), and was originally popular as a hair ornament to be worn with Japanese kimonos.

Since my first encounter with tsumamizaiku in 2013, I have been fascinated by its charms and started to create my own creations, which I have since exhibited not only in Japan but also overseas.

The accessories introduced here incorporate popular earth colors.

Earth colors go well with any color, including monotone and vivid colors, and blend easily with the color of your skin, so you are sure to look stylish. We hope you will enjoy them as a part of your coordination.


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