HATSUNE KOUBOU is a project planned with Hatsune Miku as the official ambassador, based on the concept of conveying the spirit of traditional Japanese craftsmanship to the future.

Japan has a spirit and history of monozukuri (craftsmanship) that has been handed down for more than 2,000 years.

The crafts produced there are in harmony with Japan's four seasons and nature, are delicate and beautiful, designed with the user's best interests in mind, and have world-class techniques for restoration that allow them to be used for a long time while enjoying the changes over time.

We also believe that the Hatsune Miku cultural sphere, in which many creators participate to create works of art, is an extension of this culture.

The world of traditional crafts handed down from generation to generation in Japan and the Hatsune Miku culture, in which the latest modern technology has penetrated the masses, go hand in hand, and we have seriously considered the inheritance of Japanese culture.

Items such as men's yukata and tenugui hand towels with the "Hatsune Monogram" created from traditional Japanese designs have been added to the collection.