【NEW ARRIVAL】Kaitakudo Art|Hanging scroll

Kaitakudo Art is a hanging scroll manufacturer established 50 years ago in Gifu Prefecture.

Introduced to Japan from China in the Heian period, hanging scrolls became widely popular in the Kamakura period. They gradually became an indispensable part of Japanese culture, including Japanese-style rooms and tokonoma (alcove).

Gifu Prefecture is particularly famous for glue made from the high-quality water of the Nagara River and Mino washi, which is registered as a World Heritage site, and accounts for 70% of the hanging scroll production share.

Kaitakudo Art, which has been a leader in the industry, is challenging the new art scene by working with designers and artists to develop modern hanging scrolls that can be incorporated into modern life and interior design.

This time, we have created a hanging scroll and frame with ink drawings of King Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla from the Toho special effects film series "Godzilla" by Kazufumi Nishijima, a painter from Gifu Prefecture.

Please take this opportunity to purchase this valuable gem, which is produced for a limited time only.

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