MAJIKAO is a brand born from Kyoto-based company Okaju, a maker of Kyo-yuzen dyed goods that has been in business since the 19th century

The origin of MAJIKAO dates back to about 100 years ago, when Shigesuke Okajima was the second generation.

Okaju's own sample book of lining fabrics for "haori" kimono jackets contains about 500 designs.

The designs were influenced by Shigesuke's interest in various genres of art, and many of them are characterized by a modern style with a hint of Western painting.

We are reprinting the Haura patterns inherited by Okaju as "sample books" to produce products that add color to everyone's life.

Their modern, pop design has been well received not only in Japan but also overseas.

In the future, we would like to go back to the original meaning of haura patterns and make aprons and jackets that conceal the design on the inside.

We would be happy if you could experience the fun of the haura lining patterns through our products.

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