Chopstick Store Hashikura Matsukan is an original brand of Matsukan, a lacquered chopstick manufacturer established in 1922.

Matsukan has been producing mainly Wakasa-Nuri (lacquered chopsticks), a traditional handicraft, in Obama City, Fukui Prefecture, a major production center of lacquered chopsticks.

Wakasa-Nuri is a robust and glossy lacquered product made by applying lacquer over and over again. While maintaining this advanced technique, the company also produces a variety of chopsticks with free ideas to suit your lifestyle.

This time, we have created beautiful and functional chopsticks made of flexible Sanuki moso bamboo, shaved into a hexagonal shape from the handle to the chopstick tips.

They are comfortable to hold and easy to grip food.

 In addition, the tips of the chopsticks are smooth and pleasant to the palate.

They will surely be appreciated as a gift for your loved ones.


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