【NEW ARRIVAL】Nousaku|Takaoka Bronze Casting

Nosaku" is a brand of Takaoka bronze casting that has been producing Buddhist altarware, tea ceremony utensils, and flower vases since its establishment in 1916.

Takaoka copperware has developed in Takaoka, one of the leading casting towns in Japan.

 The history of Takaoka copperware dates back to the Edo period, when Maeda, the lord of the Kaga domain, invited cast metal artisans to the city in an attempt to develop the industry.

Today, lifestyle changes and other factors have led to the creation of a succession of products with a new sense of style, while at the same time carrying on the traditions of the past.

At Nosaku, we always listen carefully to our customers' opinions and strive to develop products from their point of view.

We would like to introduce you to some accessories that make the most of the softness of tin and sake cups that have the secret of tin's unique taste. Perfect not only for yourself, but also as gifts for your loved ones!

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