【NEW ARRIVAL】Nousaku|Takaoka Bronze Casting

"Nosaku" is a brand of Takaoka bronze casting that has been producing Buddhist altarware, tea ceremony utensils, and flower vases since its establishment in 1916.

As a new challenge, Nosaku usually adds other metals to tin to increase its hardness, but the company multiplied the idea that "if it can bend, let's take advantage of its characteristics" to create the industry's first "bendable tableware".

Since then, we have been listening carefully to our customers' voices and trying to develop products from the user's point of view.

New this time are chopstick rests and cutlery rests that take advantage of the softness of tin.

The product can be easily bent by hand, so it can be enjoyed in various situations.

Since these lucky charms are based on traditional Japanese patterns, they are ideal as gifts.


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