【NEW ARRIVAL】Yoake|Kyoto Kanoko Shibori

Since its founding as a cotton cloth wholesaler in 1903, it has consistently dealt mainly with natural materials such as cotton and hemp.

The hand towels are made using the traditional Kyoto Kanoko Shibori technique, and in addition to the traditional techniques of Kagozome and Ita Shime Shibori, there are new ways of expression such as Dyewake Shibori and Log Shibori Blur Dye. is also challenging.

When fabric is dyed using techniques such as tying with thread, sewing, and sandwiching between boards, "bleeding" and "blurring" are created at the time of dyeing.

The beautiful patterns created by nature are the charm of tie-dyeing.

This time, we have added a new stylish product with a traditional pattern.

Please enjoy the one-of-a-kind tenugui with different finishes depending on the dyeing time and the way the cloth is layered.

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